Bella Housewares makes a line of home appliances that are visually appealing with bright designs, colors and retro styling. Among this line up is the red and white striped Bella Cotton Candy Maker.

The machine’s big plastic bowl helps you spin large amounts of cotton candy at a time. The translucent rim guard prevents sugar from splashing outside the machine when in use. Both the bowl and the lid are completely removable and are dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning.

The machine needs 10 minutes to heat up before it can start to make cotton candy. Once heated, the Bella Cotton Candy Machine can use granulated sugar, flossing sugar or superfine sugar. Those who want to make flavored cotton candy, or sugar-free concoctions can use crushed hard candy in the device. The Bella Cotton Candy Maker comes with detailed instructions on using hard candy in the flossing unit.

Included with this device are three reusable, dishwasher safe plastic cones. The Bella Cotton Candy Maker also arrives with a measuring spoon to help you place the right amount of sugar in your machine and one flavor combination packet that can be combined with the sugar during spinning.

The machine is stable on the countertop during use, as it has suctioned feet that help keep the cotton candy maker steady while you spin the sugar. Designed with portability in mind, this machine weighs in at just under five pounds and comes apart for simple storage.

The Bella Cotton Candy Maker is a bit pricier than others in its class, but it comes backed with a one year warranty. This is not a professional-grade machine and its plastic parts cannot withstand consistent long-term use, as they may overheat. The machine is also meant entirely for indoor use. If you need a more industrial machine that makes larger quantities, check out the Paragon Classic Magic.

Overall, the Bella Cotton Candy Maker is an easy-to-use machine. Its dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze, while its compact size make it sturdy yet functional for at-home use. While it does not pack the power or speed of a professional-grade device, it is a good option for those who plan on occasional home use.

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