The Funtime Commercial Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Floss Machine is a professional-grade cotton candy maker, designed with mobility in mind. This machine comes with its own bright pink mobile wheeled cart. This cotton candy maker is intended for use by professional vendors, due to its size and output capacity, yet its straightforward design makes it a user friendly option for novice sugar spinners.

The main area of the cart is made up of the cotton candy maker itself. The spinner is a commercial grade 950-watt spinner that heats up in two minutes. Once heated, the device can make up to two cotton candy cones per minute. This Funtime commercial-grade cotton candy maker features a stainless steel bowl, meant to withstand consistent use and cleaning. Most bowls in professional grade cotton candy makers are made of less-durable aluminum or plastic.

Below the main housing is a stainless steel storage drawer to hold supplies and accessories. The Funtime Cotton Candy Mobile Wheeled Cart features two bicycle-style spoke wheels intended for smooth traveling. The included heavy duty break system keeps the cart stationary when in place, and prevents unnecessary movements and vibrations during operation. This keeps the cart protected from unnecessary damage during use and keeps the overall operating noise low. If you are looking for a smaller machine for a kitchen countertop, consider Nostalgia Electrics' Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker.

The cart comes with two optional add-on shelves with built-in holes that can hold up to three spun cotton candy cones at a time. The motor, belt and internal workings are easy to get to, but plenty of ventilation is required to keep the engine cool and to prevent overheating. Although it is approved for outdoor use, pollen and dirt in the air might threaten the integrity of the motor, so consistent cleanings are necessary.

Priced competitively with stationary, professional-grade cotton candy makers, this mobile unit offers a bit more versatility to your cotton candy business. Consider this Funtime cotton candy machine if you are looking to sell cotton candy independently, are seeking an addition to a store or business, or if you are looking for a portable cotton candy maker for a fundraising booth that requires high-volume output.

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