The Gold Medal Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine is a commercial-grade machine intended for high-volume use from experienced professional vendors. This cotton candy maker offers a series of features that make it easier for professional spinners to efficiently make cotton candy in busy environments and outdoor settings. If you are looking for a smaller machine for your kitchen, consider the Bella Cotton Candy Machine.

The Gold Medal Mega Breeze’s seven inch floss head is housed in a stainless steel cabinet for extra durability. The cotton candy maker’s bowl measures 26 inches wide and is constructed of aluminum. The bowl is supported by a Whirlgrip stabilizer, which adds an additional layer of support and stabilization to reduce movement and vibrations. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear and keeps the machine’s overall operating noise low.

This machine is an upgrade to the standard Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. Based on customer feedback, Gold Medal introduced new portability features to the device and designed Lock-N-Go handles to help keep the unit stable during transport. This is particularly important for vendors who frequently move their machine to carnivals, fairs and festivals and want to minimize the wear and tear that travel often causes.

The company also redesigned the machine to include a front door that flips down for convenient access to the machine’s internal parts. This additional feature is meant to make cleaning, servicing and positioning bowl brackets simpler for users.

This unit has a 1/10 horsepower motor. The added power increases production and warm-up time. The machine can start making floss within 30 seconds of turning on and can make up to four cones per minute when operating.

Consumers considering this product should fully realize it is intended for professional vendors who need a high capacity output and who are willing to give this powerful machine the maintenance it needs. This machine is not meant for occasional home use. Although it is outfitted with many controls and features, the Gold Medal Breeze’s numerous dials, buttons and ridges do require extra care and cleaning.

Overall, if you are looking for a professional-grade cotton candy maker from a reliable company, consider the Gold Medal Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. It’s a durable device that delivers high-yield cotton candy output and the power to handle the demands of consistent, commercial use.

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