The RetroRed Retro Series Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker from Nostalgia Electrics helps you make cotton candy at home while boasting the retro look and feel the brand is known for. If you need a more industrial machine that makes larger quantities, check out the Funtime Candy Cloud.

The Hard Candy machine features a bold red base and white plastic bowl with translucent top. This top keeps sugar from splattering outside the machine during use, yet allows you to look inside during the spinning process.

This specialty home appliance can quickly spin either standard sugar or hard candies into fluffy cotton candy. The hard candy option allows you to create sugar-free concoctions for those with special dietary needs. The device comes with specific manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions on how to use hard candy in the machine. The user manual also gives tips for which candies will work best in the machine, as well as which candies should be avoided.

This machine takes five minutes to heat up when using hard candy and 10 minutes to heat up when using sugar. The unit weighs around four pounds, making it both portable and easy to store when not in use. Most of the machine’s parts are also removable for simple cleaning.

A clear rim guard on top of the device’s plastic bowl helps keep the cotton candy inside the machine. Suctioned feet keep the entire unit stable and secure and prevent wobbling and loud vibrations during use.

This cotton candy machine includes two reusable plastic cones along with pre-portioned flavored sugar packets. The machine also comes equipped with one sugar scoop and one extractor head.

Although capable enough to handle at-home use, this cotton candy maker is not intended for high output or professional use. The plastic construction may cause the machine to overheat when used for an extended period, while the device’s exterior casing may not withstand outdoor elements.

Even though it lacks the durability of some higher-powered machines, if you simply want to make a few cones at a time, this product can easily withstand basic use. Overall, the Nostalgia Electrics RetroRed machine provides a well-priced and versatile cotton candy maker for those interested in occasional home use.

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