Paragon’s line of United States-made concession stand products includes their Classic Magic 5 Cotton Candy Machine. This professional-grade cotton candy maker is designed with durability and high performance in mind. This powerful device is meant for those who need to quickly produce a high volume of cotton candy, not for the average home user. If you are looking for a smaller machine for home use, check out the Bella Cotton Candy Machine.

This cotton candy maker features a 1.5 horsepower engine that spins at 4,300 revolutions per minute. This powerful engine allows the machine to produce up to 200 cones in a single hour. The machine also houses a 26-inch all-aluminum bowl, a more durable alternative to the standard plastic bowl option.

You can remove the machine’s 5-inch metal spinning head for easy cleaning. Also, it's designed to withstand daily use better than the plastic parts used in many commercial machines. The front panel features both a power button and a heating button, along with dial-controlled heat settings. This allows you to adjust your machine to meet your output needs without wasting energy and to modify the settings based on current weather conditions.

The layout of this cotton candy maker shields the motor completely from the sugar, which means less corrosion, fewer motor problems and easier cleanup. An all metal head adds to the cotton candy maker’s durability and is designed to withstand clogging when maintained correctly.

The included stainless steel cabinet houses professional-grade controls that allow you to adjust to differing conditions as needed. The Paragon Classic Magic 5 also carries a three-year warranty on its parts and motor.

This cotton candy maker weighs around 50 pounds and features special stabilizers to prevent movement and vibrating during use. Those attempting to operate the machine inside a home should be warned that the fast motor can cause sugar splatter. The company sells a Bubble Top add-on for those worried about the mess.

Overall, the Paragon Classic Magic 5 Cotton Candy Machine is a versatile option to consider if you’re selling cotton candy for profit. The all-metal design, powerful engine and user-friendly controls make it easy to handle both high-volume and low-volume output as needed.

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