The Paragon Spin Magic 5 Cotton Candy Machine is intended for professional use only. This device is meant for users who own or operate a concessions stand, or set up their own carnival booths. Created with outdoor use in mind, this machine’s voltage meter can help you make a consistent cotton candy product, even in different temperatures or at varying humidity levels. If you are looking for a smaller machine for parties at home, check out the Bella Cotton Candy Machine.

This Spin Magic 5 professional-grade machine can spin up to 200 cones of cotton candy in a single hour. The machine delivers power through a 1.5-horsepower engine that’s housed away from production. This means the engine’s parts won’t be damaged by sugar buildup. This also makes cleaning and maintaining the engine simpler.

This machine has professional controls, which add flexibility and help you to make cotton candy under varied conditions. You can activate the voltage meter, which indicates the optimal setting to use in order to make cotton candy consistently without losing yield. This cotton candy machine features a completely new head design that delivers a smoother product in a more continuous fashion.

There are two bowl options that come with this cotton candy maker. You can use a 26-inch plastic bowl, which comes standard with the machine, or for an additional cost, you can opt for a 26-inch metal bowl. The metal bowl is the more durable of the two options if you are concerned about extending the life of your machine.

This cotton candy maker is sturdy and will live up to a lot of use under tough conditions. It weighs about 50 pounds and is covered by a three-year warranty. While it is a bigger investment than most home devices, if you are planning on a lot of production, this is a reliable cotton candy machine for the job.

The Paragon Spin Magic 5 machine is easy to clean and is designed to be a simple, sturdy workhorse for cotton candy production. Consider the Spin Magic 5 if you’re spinning lots of sugar and want a device backed by a reliable brand that has been in the cotton candy business for years.

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