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If you are looking for a unique addition to your kitchen that allows you and your family to enjoy cotton candy daily, then consider the Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker. This machine offers a simple way to make cotton candy at home and includes two BPA-free reusable cones that attach directly to the unit. If you need a more industrial machine that makes larger quantities, check out the Mega Breeze.

The 360-watt Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker heats up quickly, and is ready for use in five minutes. Once heated, you can add pure cane sugar and start spinning threads of sugar around the cones. With this device, you can also add food coloring to the sugar before putting it into the chambers to produce cotton candy in various colors.

This cotton candy maker has a translucent BPA-free splashguard, to prevent the sugar from spraying outside of the machine.

This machine uses regular cane sugar, but you can also use your favorite hard candies to make cotton candy with the device. Included with the machine, is a detailed recipe for how to make sugar-free cotton candy for those with dietary restrictions, using a hard candy base.

The Waring Pro Cotton Candy Maker weighs just 5.5 pounds and is fairly compact, so it won’t take up too much cabinet space when stored. This machine also has two holders on the side to store the included reusable cones.

This cotton candy maker is not a professional-grade machine, meaning there is a chance it may overheat with too much use. Easy cleaning is important with any cotton candy machine, as leftover sugar can disintegrate the internal workings of the device. Since the machine’s motor is so close to the flossing head, users will need to clean the machine after every use. The stainless steel hub on this cotton candy maker does detach from the machine and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Overall, this machine is a low-cost specialty appliance useful for the home user wanting to make their own cotton candy. While not meant for extended, long-term use, consider this machine if you want to try making cotton candy at home, without making the investment into a professional-grade device.

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