Pros / It is packed with all the necessary safety features, including non-skid feet, a locking lid latch and cool-touch handles.

Cons / There are no bonus accessories included, leaving you to purchase additional utensils and equipment.

 Verdict / The Babycakes DNM-30 home donut machine is small in size and easy to operate. However, it doesn't deliver consistent results, and a lack of accessories may not be ideal for novice bakers with little experience.

Winner of the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award, the Babycakes DNM-30 is among the best donut makers you can find for its combination of comprehensive safety features, high-scoring overall performance and solid warranty and support. The smallest of the donut makers we reviewed, it also goes a long way toward proving that bigger isn’t always better – and that often, less really is more.

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The Babycakes DNM-30 is equipped with four cooking reservoirs, which depending on your desires, may or may not be the ideal batch size for you. If you’re seeking an electric donut maker with the capacity to bake bigger batches, keep looking. But if you’re interested in treating yourself to some homemade goodies without running the risk that you’ll overdo it, this model could be an ideal fit.

Because it’s also the smallest of the home donut machines we tested, the preheating and cooking time are both minimal. Once you plug the unit into the wall, the red light on the top lid turns on indicating it’s preheating. Although the DMN-30 is rated by the manufacturer for a preheat cycle of three minutes, we found that it took two minutes. Once the red light shuts off, the unit is ready to bake. Total cooking time was equally short, clocking in at a mere two minutes.

Testing revealed that the DNM-30’s non-stick cooking surface performed exceedingly well, leading to zero instances of the donuts breaking apart or leaving behind a sticky, caked-on mess. Overall, donut consistency was good, if not slightly imperfect, with the bottoms of the donuts achieving a more thorough baking than the top halves. This resulted in a slightly lower overall consistency score.

Safety & Design

If you’re going to spend any amount of money on a kitchen appliance, safety should be one of your chief concerns. The Babycakes DNM-30 comes with every conceivable safety feature, save for an automatic shutoff function, which was something that none of the donut makers we tested had.

It is equipped with cool-touch handles that allow you to touch the device without risk of burning, non-skid rubber feet that keep it securely positioned on your kitchen counter, convenient cord storage and a locking lid latch that keeps the hot contents inside in the event the unit accidentally falls or tips over. Its diminutive footprint also prevents it from taking up too much space.


One area where the Babycakes DNM-30 suffers slightly is the lack of included accessories. While some donut makers come with fork tools for easy donut removal, mixing spatulas, icing kits and donut cooling racks, the DNM-30 does not. It comes packaged only with a user guide, which is helpful for novices.

Within the user guide, you’ll find four suggested recipes to help you get started, in addition to instructions on how to make glaze toppings that you can add to the finished product – however, the lack of any bonus accessories means you have to either purchase them separately or make do with what’s already in your kitchen. This could present slight challenges for absolute beginners who have no prior baking experience, so before you get started, make sure you’ve got everything you need on hand.

Warranty & Support

Typical warranties for home donut makers are one year. None offer warranties beyond this; however, there are some donut makers with shorter warranties and still others with no warranties at all.

The Babycakes DNM-30 comes with a standard one-year warranty that ensures you can get a free repair or replacement if you experience equipment failure within that time frame. You can reach out to customer service via email or telephone, and the manufacturer also provides over-the-phone routine diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of any equipment problem that may arise.


Offering excellent support, comprehensive safety features, rapid cooking times and a practically mess-free experience, the Babycakes DNM-30 is a modestly sized donut maker for individuals seeking a fun addition to their set of small home appliances. Because it’s capable of cooking only four donuts at a time, it may not be ideal for families or large crowds. Donut consistency is not perfect and achieving an expertly baked donut may require a bit of a learning curve, but if you have a relatively small appetite, aren’t terribly picky about your donuts being evenly cooked, and have little countertop space, it could be an ideal addition to your kitchen.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Donut Consistency
Clean-up Time
1 minute
Batch Capacity
Time to Ready
Cooking Time

Safety & Design

Locking Lid Latch
Cord Storage
Non-Skid Rubber Feet


Overall Accessories
Fork Tool
Wire Cooling Rack

Warranty & Support

1 year