Pros / It produces evenly cooked and consistent quality donuts with a fast cooking time.

Cons / The cooking surface cannot be removed for dishwasher cleaning.

 Verdict / Loaded with safety features, the Babycakes DN-95 produces consistently high-quality donuts and ranks as the best donut maker, despite losing a few points for ease of use.

The best donut makers don’t just yield tasty results: They are also consistent, reliable and come with a number of safety features. Loaded with safety features and proven in testing to produce the most consistent and evenly baked results, the Babycakes DN-95 tops our list and ably snatches up our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best donut maker. In order to arrive at this conclusion, we put the DN-95 to the test and compared its performance to that of a diverse group of home donut machines, and this is what we found.

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Using a standard cake donut recipe, we tested the Babycakes DN-95 repeatedly and found it easily earned top marks in the category of donut consistency. This means donuts were thoroughly and evenly baked, both inside and out. Some donut makers produce donuts that are crispy on the edges and undercooked on the insides, or donuts that are darker on the underside where they are more closely exposed to the heating element. The Babycakes DN-95 bested all others by consistently producing evenly baked donuts.

Capable of baking a batch of six donuts in just one minute and 30 seconds, it is also among the fastest of the donut makers we tested. The heating element’s preheat time was three minutes.

When releasing donuts from the unit, we didn't experience any difficulties whatsoever. We were able to quickly and cleanly remove donuts without any of them falling apart or leaving behind a caked-on, burned mess. This was accomplished repeatedly, without the use of vegetable oil, to facilitate a no-stick experience. As a result, the Babycakes DN-95 required almost no cleanup. We were able to use it repeatedly, without having to pause to clean the molds before adding a new batch.

Safety & Design

With safety of paramount importance when it comes to home baking, we rated the donut makers we tested for their ability to facilitate a safe, injury-free experience. The Babycakes DN-95 is equipped with cool-touch handles that make it possible for you to reposition the machine, even while it’s plugged in and baking at maximum temperature – although it’s not recommended you do so.

The underside of this donut maker includes non-skid rubber feet, which is absolutely essential if you’re baking donuts in tight quarters or in a high-traffic kitchen where children may be present. The presence of a locking lid latch, which keeps the donut maker lid closed even if it’s knocked off the countertop, is equally crucial to preventing serious messes and burns.

Convenient cord storage is also provided which, when combined with the unit’s modestly sized footprint, facilitates easy storage in a tight-fitting cupboard or pantry. When the lid is fully extended, the donut maker stands 11.25 inches. Depending on the size of your kitchen and how much space there is between your countertop and cabinets, you may be able to raise the lid with plenty of room to spare and without having to reposition the donut maker.


The inclusion of accessories is not an absolute necessity when you’re buying a home donut maker, but it does help if you are an inexperienced cook or if you lack the necessary equipment. Babycakes solves some of this for you by including two essential accessories you might not even think to purchase on your own: a fork tool for removing the donuts that doesn't scratch the non-stick surface and a wire cooling rack.

Although a wire cooling rack is not essential, it allows you to cool donuts evenly. This ensures the donuts remain fluffy and soggy-free, which can happen when you place a hot donut on a plate before it’s completely cooled down. In addition to the cooling rack and turning fork, the Babycakes DN-95’s user guide includes four homemade donut recipes that provide you with all the necessary ingredients to bake your first batch of donuts.

Warranty & Support

The Babycakes DN-95 donut maker comes with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty. This covers you against defects in workmanship or materials; it doesn’t cover typical wear and tear, though, which is also standard operating procedure for donut maker warranties. You are also given a toll-free number and email address to reach customer support with any inquiries or to troubleshoot issues. Customer service representatives can walk you through certain diagnostic procedures.


Offering top-notch help and support, useful accessories, numerous safety features and consistent baking performance, the Babycakes DN-95 donut maker is our choice for anyone wanting to add a new page to their existing cooking repertoire. This donut maker is easy to use and provides you with the tools and all of the information necessary to create your own homemade sweets.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Donut Consistency
Clean-up Time
1 minute
Batch Capacity
Time to Ready
Cooking Time

Safety & Design

Locking Lid Latch
Cord Storage
Non-Skid Rubber Feet


Overall Accessories
Fork Tool
Wire Cooling Rack

Warranty & Support

1 year