Pros / It includes a flip-over feature that helps you cook donuts more evenly on both sides.

Cons / It is missing some key safety features, such as a locking lid latch and electrical cord storage.

 Verdict / While this home donut machine's unique flip feature makes it worth considering for the right buyer, the Chef Buddy rated lowest in terms of safety and has no warranty or technical support options.

The Chef Buddy home donut machine can bake as many as seven mini-donuts in less than two minutes. It has a surface heating time of only three minutes and a well performing non-stick surface that assures minimal cleanup time. It includes two lights to tell you when the unit has heated to cooking temperature and when the batch is ready to be removed.

The only electric donut maker in our list that includes a flip-over feature, it can be physically picked up halfway through the cooking process and turned over to ensure a more evenly cooked batch. When the lid is fully extended, the unit stands nearly 12 inches tall and may provide spatial challenges if you intend to use it in a small kitchen with low-hanging cabinets.

While the best donut makers include safety features like locking lid latches and electric cord storage, the Chef Buddy does not. It does come with non-stick rubber coated plastic feet that provide good counter stability, but may otherwise not be the optimal choice if you are seeking a donut machine that ranks high on total kitchen safety. This donut maker, in fact, came in last place in terms of safety when compared with other products in our lineup.

Help and support are virtually nonexistent. The donut maker comes with no warranty aside from one you may receive from the selling retailer, so be sure to save your purchase receipt. There is also no manufacturer email or telephone support for getting help to technical questions, and the included user guide offers no recipe suggestions. No accessories, such as fork tools or batter bottles, are included.

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The Chef Buddy electric donut maker performs well when it comes to quick preparation, rapid cooking and easy cleanup. Unfortunately, its lack of additional safety features, like a locking lid latch and proper power cord storage, make it more prone to accidents. Its lack of accessories or included sample recipes make it a bit more difficult to get started if you’ve never baked donuts before. With no manufacturer warranty and no email or telephone support, you have little recourse if you encounter difficulties.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Donut Consistency
Clean-up Time
1 minute
Batch Capacity
Time to Ready
Cooking Time

Safety & Design

Locking Lid Latch
Cord Storage
Non-Skid Rubber Feet


Overall Accessories
Fork Tool
Wire Cooling Rack

Warranty & Support