Pros / The American Angler Pro comes with five blades, making it a highly versatile tool.

Cons / It runs on electrical power, which creates some difficulty with outdoor use.

 Verdict / The American Angler Pro is a durable, multi-use electric knife that is especially helpful when filleting fish and cutting meat.

The American Angler Pro is a good electric knife for outdoor use, so you can take it fishing and camping in addition to using it in the kitchen. It has a rugged body, a variety of blades and features that are more practical than visually appealing. It has heavy-duty construction and consistent, clean cutting action for big jobs such as filleting a large number of fish.

The body may look out of place on your kitchen countertop. The matte, orange ABS plastic finish is easy to spot on your fishing boat or campsite, but it's unlikely to fit in with your other countertop small appliances. The variety of blades included with this electric slicer still make it a good option for most indoor applications as well, however.

This electric knife has an all-metal transmission, which gives you noticeable power and consistent blade action. High torque gives you smooth and stutter-free cutting. The plastic body is vented, which helps avoid heat buildup. The blades are stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and is easy to clean.

The handle is slightly large around the grip, which could be prohibitive if you have small hands. The ergonomics are pleasant, however, and the knife design reduces fatigue and unnecessary straining. The knife has a rubberized strip along the top for better grip, an important feature if you're working on a boat or with raw fish or a moist turkey. If you are looking for a more utilitarian knife, try the Hamilton Beach 74250.

The American Angler Pro does require a 110-volt power outlet, which could be prohibitive in remote areas, including boats and campsites. The 8-foot cord may likewise feel out of place in your kitchen, but it adds versatility if you're on the go and adapting to unusual power sources.

This electric knife includes five blades for various applications. It also includes a Teflon mesh glove for cleaning fish and a mesh bag, which is a good alternative to a plastic case that could cause odor buildup and encourage corrosion.

The American Angler Pro electric knife has powerful cutting action and a variety of blades. The rugged construction, long cord and high torque make it a strong indoor and outdoor tool.

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