Pros / The Hamilton Beach 74250 is affordable and powerful.

Cons / It sometimes slows down when you're cutting thick foods.

 Verdict / This electric knife gives you consistently good, smooth slices, and offers an ergonomically designed handle.

The Hamilton Beach 74250 is an easy-to-use corded electric knife with a 7.5-inch handle, a durable storage case and stainless steel blades.

This electric carving knife has durable cutting blades with plenty of power, so you can cut through roasted poultry and meats without fuss. While the blade is slightly small, it still delivers ample speed and durability to create professional-looking slices each time. The two serrated blades move effortlessly back and forth to prevent tearing and uneven slices. However, because the blade is so small, this electric knife might be better suited for cheese, sandwich meat and soft bread than thick slices of meat.

The large ergonomic handles on the Hamilton Beach electric knife allow you to get a good grip while the blades are in operation. To operate the device, you just grab the handle, pull the trigger and place the knife in the spot you want to carve. The nonslip trigger guards against accidents that can happen if your finger slips off. The blades also click into place, so you don't have to worry that the blades will fall off while you are cutting. To get the blades out of the handle, you must slide the release button, as they cannot come out on their own. Because the blades on this device are spaced slightly apart, food can get stuck inside, causing a jam.

The Hamilton Beach electric knife comes with a gray case that holds everything neatly inside. The case features a foam insert, which is molded to hold the handle, blades and the serving fork without it rattling and around and causing damage. The case is small, so you can store it inside your pantry or kitchen cabinets. If you'd prefer a cutting board that also serves as a storage device, take a look at the Cuisinart CEK-40.

The electric knife uses stainless steel blades, which are corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe. The blades are also durable enough to guard against bending and breaking during use.

The Hamilton Beach 74250 electric carving knife performs well with most cuts of meat, which results in slices as thick or as thin as you desire. The handle is easy to hold and the blades are durable enough to slice into tough meats quickly, but the actual size of the blade is something of a letdown.

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