Pros / You can cut even slices of most foods quickly with this knife.

Cons / You must press the trigger non-stop while using this knife, which could cause strain.

 Verdict / The Proctor-Silex 74311Y offers stainless steel blades, fast operation and an easy to hold handle.

The Proctor-Silex 74311Y is a lightweight electric slicer that has stainless steel blades, a contoured hand grip and a touch-button control for simple operation.

This electric knife is a no-nonsense kitchen appliance that slices and carves meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. The device comes with a set of stainless steel carving blades that work well when used on turkey, ham, roasts and other cut of meat. While they don't come with the knife set, bread blades are available as a separate purchase if you like to bake your own bread or frequently slice rolls and bagels. Each blade is 7.5 inches long, which is ideal for filleting fish and carving smaller cuts of meat.

The grip on the Proctor-Silex is small enough to be easy to hold. The main issue with the handle is the on trigger located along the bottom. In order to operate the slicer, the trigger must be pressed at all times. While this is intended to be a safety feature, the trigger can cause fatigue if you have a large volume of meat to slice. The electric knife is lightweight, so it's relatively easy to maneuver while you are holding down the trigger, but the constant pressure may not be acceptable if you struggle with arthritis or other ailments where physical strength is an issue.

Located at the top of the slicer, the blade-release button can be pressed to remove the blades for quick cleanup. This design is somewhat flawed and can cause problems. The trigger is located along the bottom of the slicer, while the blade-release button is located directly underneath the device on the bottom of the slicer. This design makes it very easy to press both buttons at once. If the blade is being used and the release button is pressed, the blades can fly off the slicer while it is in movement, which is a major drawback of this design.

The knife is corded, which limits the places it can be used, and the motor is sufficient for small jobs or lightweight tasks. The motor may overheat on larger tasks, however. If you want a knife that can take on some bigger cutting tasks, take a look at the Cuisinart CEK-40.

Overall, the Proctor-Silex electric knife is sufficient for carving small cuts of meat, breads, fruit and vegetables. While it might not be the appropriate choice for Thanksgiving dinner, this knife makes quick work of most foods. The small size allows you to tuck it into a kitchen drawer, and the safety features prevent some accidents from happening.

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