Pros / Since this is battery-powered, you can take it anywhere.

Cons / It runs for only 30 minutes on a full charge, which can be limiting if you have plenty of food to slice.

 Verdict / The Rapala fillet knife gives you great portability and power for many slicing tasks, but you'll need to recharge it frequently.

The Rapala fillet knife is a cordless, rechargeable knife that has a molded body, a quiet motor and a convenient storage case.

The cordless nature of this electric knife is one of its biggest advantages. The knife comes with its own AC battery charger and one battery pack. With a charging time of less than four hours, the Rapala  knife can be charged and ready to slice and carve your next meal. Extra battery packs are available, so you can keep more than one battery charged at all times to provide ample power to complete any job. By keeping the batteries charged, you can take the knife with you should you need it at a picnic or in the field. The only drawback is that each battery pack only provides 30 minutes of continuous power, which may not be enough for large jobs. If you want a top-quality electric knife that is corded, take a look at the Cuisinart CEK-40.

The Rapala fillet knife comes with its own durable and compact carrying case. You can take your knife anywhere with you by storing it inside the convenient pouch. The case keeps parts together while it's being stored, and it allows you to tuck the knife out of reach of young hands when it isn't being used. However, if you purchase extra accessories, they will not fit inside the bag with the rest of the set.

The included blades measure 6 inches and 7.5 inches, ideal for filleting fish or meeting your food preparation needs. These reciprocating blades have serrated edges, which perform clean cuts each time, and the smaller size allows for precision cutting. The set also has a cutting board, so you have a clean and flat surface to work on regardless of where you are.

The Rapala cordless rechargeable knife features an advanced airflow design that prevents the knife from overheating even during large jobs. It also keeps the motor nice and quiet during the toughest jobs. The body of the knife is comolded for added comfort. The electric knife fits comfortably into your hand to reduce fatigue while you work.

The Rapala cordless rechargeable fillet knife is ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue and allow for longer use time. The enclosed battery packs and AC adapter keep the device ready to use, and the convenient storage case prevents misplacing needed parts in the system.

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