Best French Door Refrigerators of 2018

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We've been researching French door refrigerators since 2010 and have spent hundreds of hours determining what features are important. We have compared products from popular and lesser-known brands to find the best of the best. The LG LFX28968ST stands out for its smart organization, which starts with a slim ice maker that frees up lots of space for groceries. It also manages to fit in some nice extras such as hidden hinges and contoured doors without getting into the stratosphere for price. 

Best Overall
The LG LFX28968ST manages to pack in a lot of great features that really add convenience, including bright LED lighting and folding shelves, without going outside of most budgets.
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Best Overall
Best Value
Amana AFI2539ERM
If the bottom line is a big part of your decision, the Amana AFI2539ERM is a good option. It lacks a few extras but still manages to get in the most important features for a low price.
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Best Energy Efficiency
Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2367TF
The Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2367TF is smaller than many others, but it costs much less to operate, so it might be worth it if you have a smaller household and want to lessen your environmental impact.
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Best Overall
The LG LFX28968ST has a collection of convenient features to better manage your home's food storage. The ice maker is one example: It has been moved to the door on this model – a wonderful bonus because a lot of the ice makers on French door refrigerators take up the top shelf on one side.
This one is tucked out of the way and you have access to all of the top shelf. The ice maker feeds into a door dispenser that is nice and tall. You won't have to use another container to fill taller bottles separately; you can just put them right under the flow of water and ice in the door. The quality and quantity of shelving also is excellent with this appliance. Most modern refrigerators have spill-proof shelves to keep liquids from running off the edge, but this model also has one folding shelf that can collapse to fit tall items. Designers also managed to squeeze in a little extra shelving on the face of the ice maker. Every little bit helps, especially if it gives you the opportunity to store smaller items out of the way rather than having them get lost in the vast central shelving. Other nice features on this model are included on the outside, with hidden hinges and contoured doors, and the price is pretty reasonable when you consider all of the square footage and the smart capabilities on the LG LFX28968ST.
  • The contoured doors and hidden hinges give a classy look.
  • Having the ice maker in the door means more shelving real estate.
  • The tall water dispenser is nice for bigger bottles.
  • This was one of the less energy-efficient options we considered.
  • The 27 cubic feet of storage may be a little excessive for some households.
  • It only comes in one color and it might not be the color that looks best in your kitchen.
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Best Value
If you would like to stay below the $2,000 mark, the Amana AFI2539ERM deserves consideration. This unit is just a bit more pared down than more expensive models, but it still has a smart layout that French door refrigerator fans will love, including full-width storage on most shelves and a full-width drawer great for storing platters, pizza boxes and other wide items.
There are three gallon-size bins for holding milk and other large items. At the press of a button you can temporarily boost cooling capabilities, which can be great for chilling beverages or quickly getting groceries back to refrigerator temps after they've been in the car. The freezer section is small when compared with the other models we reviewed, but not everyone needs that much freezer real estate. There are water and ice in the door, but the dispenser is not the tall kind that accommodates your workout bottle. This also is not the best model for energy efficiency, with an estimated yearly operating cost of $90. In general, the Amana AFI2539ERM is a little more basic than the ones that cost thousands more, but it is still likely a big step up from the one you are replacing.
  • The speed-cooling feature is nice for quickly chilling drinks.
  • A full-width pantry door will be helpful for storing party platters.
  • Gallon-size bins give you lots of room for soda, juice and milk jugs.
  • The water dispenser does not accommodate tall bottles.
  • Other units were more energy-efficient than this one.
  • The freezer section is comparatively small at only 7 cubic feet.
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Best Energy Efficiency
Top-freezer models are the most energy-efficient refrigerators, but the Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2367TF does pretty well for a French door model. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a top-freezer refrigerator costs about $45 to run a year, and the Frigidaire Gallery FGHF2367TF costs about $79, which is less than the other French door units we compared.
If you have a large family this is probably not the best bet, since this model sacrifices some square footage. It only holds 22 cubic feet. Since cubic feet generally translate into bags of groceries, that is still a lot of room – enough for 22 bags – unless you have a pretty large household. This also is not our very favorite layout when we compare it to other French door refrigerators. Part of the top shelf is usurped by an ice maker, which means you really only get two full-width shelves. Since the full-width shelf is one of the nicest things about the French door units, that is kind of a bummer. There is a full-width drawer, though, and that is nice for platters and pizzas. The Frigidaire Gallery does have a retractable shelf that is great for accommodating tall items. You also have the option of a second ice machine that can be incorporated into the freezer drawer. That gives you capacity beyond what the ice maker up top can offer, which can be nice when you have company.
  • This has the lowest estimated yearly operating cost of any French door refrigerator we compared.
  • Retractable shelving is great for storing taller items.
  • A second ice maker adds capacity that makes hosting easier.
  • This is one of the smallest units we reviewed so it might not work for large households.
  • The ice maker in the top compartment takes up some valuable shelving real estate.
  • The water and ice opening is relatively short.
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Best Storage Capacity
The Kenmore Elite 74033 is our choice for big families who need a lot of storage space.
It has the biggest storage capacity we saw – 29.5 cubic feet combined between the freezer and fridge sections. Further, at 10.5 cubic feet, the Kenmore Elite has one of the largest freezers we saw. This makes it a good fridge if you like to do meal prep. There are downsides to having a fridge so large, primarily that this is one of the least energy efficient models we reviewed. According to the energy guide, it costs $90 a year to run, which is on the high end but not unreasonable. At $3,348, this is also one of the more expensive French door refrigerators we reviewed.
  • Large freezer capacity
  • Not especially energy efficient
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Best Organization
If you like having lots of drawers and shelves to organize your food, the Whirlpool WRX735DHZ is the best choice.
It has a large external drawer ideal for storing snacks. This drawer has its own temperature controls, so you can set it independent of the fridge and freezer. The Whirlpool is fairly large, with about 24.5 cubic feet of storage space, though the freezer is only about 6.7 cubic feet, which is on the small side. This Whirlpool fridge has decent energy efficiency – there are more efficient models out there, but it is Energy Star certified. At $2,069, it’s one of the less expensive models we reviewed.
  • Self-contained drawer has its own temperature control
  • Small freezer
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Why Trust Us?

We've spent roughly 400 hours looking for the best French door refrigerators over many years. In 2010 we crafted a matrix to help us compare which of the top French door refrigerators have the most and best features. We have used various versions of that to determine recommendations and rankings of French-door refrigerators every year since, adding and subtracting features as customer interest in them increases or decreases.  

How We Researched

We've looked at professional and amateur reviews for information about how these units fit into a household. We've spoken with appliance experts and watched YouTube videos. We've scoured user manuals to understand how the important features work. We have contacted manufacturers to see how quickly and politely they respond to customers. 

How Much Does a French Door Refrigerator Cost?

French door refrigerators are not cheap. The models in our lineup range between about $1,500 and $3,000. This is typical of the majority of the models on the market. Our best overall pick, the LG LFX28968ST is right in the middle of the pack in terms of pricing. So you can get a quality refrigerator at a mid-range price. You can also buy a quality refrigerator with a solid feature package, including a full-length pantry draw and exterior ice and water dispenser, at a low-end price. 

A refrigerator can cost more than $10,000 if you have it customized for your kitchen, or less than $100 for a small dorm-appropriate model, but we kept our focus on fridges that have at least 20 cubic feet of storage and don't cost more than about $3,000. Within those parameters in mind, we looked for models with the best storage options, energy efficiency and customer support.

The best refrigerators are designed to use every square inch of interior real estate in the most logical and convenient way. While some shelving requirements are going to be dictated by your specific needs, there are some things that would be helpful to almost anyone, including lots of gallon-size shelving and shelves that retract to fit taller items. Lighting can be important for good storage, too. The brighter the lighting, the less potential for forgetting and wasting food.

Energy Efficiency
Even if you are not especially concerned with the environmental impact of your appliance, you are likely to welcome a lower energy bill. While French door refrigerators do not have a reputation of superb energy efficiency, some are better than others. Happily, the information about energy use is easy to find on most of these units, online and in stores. Look for the label that lists the estimated cost to run the refrigerator annually.

Customer Support
Most French door refrigerators come with a few different layers of warranty – an overall warranty, which is usually only a year, and different coverage for the compressor, water filter and other elements of the unit. Since refrigerators represent a major purchase for most people, it is worth searching out a company that offers good warranty coverage and other forms of customer support.

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