Pros / The external full-width drawer is a nice touch; it has four adjustable dividers and its own temperature controls.

Cons / Organization options in the fresh food compartment are limited.

 Verdict / This KitchenAid refrigerator is impressive, but it lacks customization options in the compartment you will access the most.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top French Door Refrigerators here.

French door refrigerators are designed to keep the foods that you commonly access at eye level and within easy grasp. The KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS, part of its Architect Series II line, expands on this idea, by putting a separate drawer within easy reach of children and adults alike.

This is a good-sized fridge with a total capacity of 24.5 cubic feet. Between the refrigerated compartment and external drawer, the refrigerator capacity is 18.4 cubic feet. The freezer then takes up the last 6.6 cubic feet. Both the refrigerated compartment and the freezer compartment have LED lighting, which is more pleasing to the eye and energy efficient than incandescent lights. In addition, this fridge comes in three color options: stainless steel, black and white.

One truly inviting quality about this refrigerator, which might make it one of the best refrigerators around depending on your wallet, is the fact that it costs the least to operate of all the French door refrigerators we reviewed. At a mere $51 per year, your electrical costs for this appliance come to a frugal $4.25 per month.

This KitchenAid French door fridge comes with five shelves in the refrigerated compartment. One shelf is the full-width glass found at the bottom of the compartment that reveals the external refrigerated drawer. The other four shelves are adjustable up and down, but if you want to make room for a tall item, you will have to remove a shelf or two. Three of the adjustable shelves are half width, while one is a quarter width.

Unlike some of the top-rated refrigerators that hold slim-line icemakers inside the door, the icemaker on this model is in the refrigerated compartment and is quite bulky, which is why one of the adjustable shelves is a quarter width. The icemaker takes up a good portion of the top shelf space. One benefit of the water dispenser is that you can program it to release a measured amount of cool water in cups, ounces or liters. This also can help you fill a coffee pot or water bottle to a specified amount regularly.

With this refrigerator, you get only one humidity-controlled crisper bin, and it is attached to one of the shelves. Other than that, you have to rely on the external refrigerated drawer to store your produce.

You can control the temperature of the external drawer, but you have to do so from the refrigeration compartment, rather than from the display screen on the front of the fridge. Still, it is nice to be able to make these adjustments. The drawer has four dividers inside you can customize, which is another appealing feature. However, if you want to use this drawer to provide your kids easy access to snacks, then that will limit your fresh produce storage options. The larger refrigerated compartment does not offer an alternative way to store produce if you choose to use your external drawer for a different purpose.

This fridge also has six small door bins, with three capable of holding gallon-sized containers. You do not get a covered bin to store dairy products.

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This is a reasonably big refrigerator so it will hold plenty of food. The refrigerated external drawer is helpful for organizing your produce, but if you use it for something else, you do not have other options for storing fruits and vegetables. The refrigerated compartment is limited in its organization options with its lack of crisper bins and minimal door storage. One strong point for this French door refrigerator is the fact that it is quite inexpensive to run and will not boost your electrical bill the way other refrigerators might.

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