LG Electronics is known for its consumer electronics, but it is also a leading manufacturer of appliances, including the popular French door refrigerator. The LG LFX28968ST is a super-capacity fridge with a number of innovative features, like a slim icemaker that allows you to use the majority of the 27 cubic feet for storing food rather than having to work around a bulky ice machine. Contoured doors, hidden hinges and a smooth interior add to the appealing aesthetics of this LG fridge. The clever storage solutions, large capacity and sleek design make this one of the best French door refrigerators on the market. If you are looking for something a little more economical, check out the Amana AFI2539ERM.

This LG is considered a super-capacity refrigerator with a total capacity of 27 cubic feet, one of the largest in our French door refrigerator reviews. The top refrigerator portion has 17 cubic feet of storage space, enough to hold several bags of groceries.

The icemaker is slim enough to sit behind two shelves in the left-side door. Many French door fridges surrender the top shelf to bulky icemakers, but the compact nature of this model gives you extra refrigerator storage.

The freezer portion has 8.9 cubic feet of storage space divided into three drawers. The bottom drawer is the largest and has a divider splitting it into two sections. The smaller drawer pulls out above the large drawer.

This LG French door refrigerator has an estimated yearly operating cost of $86, according to the Energy Guide on its website. This averages out to about $3.18 per cubic foot per year. While this isn’t a huge amount, and the LG LFX28968ST is Energy Star certified, this is more energy than some of the other French door refrigerators in our review use. A couple of models we compared are well under $3.00 per year.

The interior of the French door refrigerator has an LED lamp that illuminates the clear shelves and drawers. At a glance, you can see all your stored food items. The fridge has a total of four split shelves that you can move up and down to accommodate tall and awkward-sized objects. Some are folding shelves, so you can quickly flip them up rather than completely remove them. Made from tempered glass, the shelves come with spill protection.

This fridge also has two crisper bins for fresh fruit and vegetables, plus one extra bin that runs the full width of the compartment. This drawer is perfect for storing meats, cheeses or large platters for dinner parties. You can control the humidity in the two crisper drawers, and the long drawer has three temperature settings.

There is additional storage in both doors of the LG LFX28968ST. There are six bins for holding items you commonly grab, such as drink bottles and condiments. Two of these bins are big enough to hold gallon-sized containers such as milk. One is a dairy compartment specially designed to hold items such as butter or eggs.

This French door refrigerator has a spacious freezer with a full-width drawer on top made of clear plastic that is great for holding smaller items. The bottom drawer is the largest and deepest and is separated into two sections. A separate LED lamp lights the interior of the freezer compartment.

External digital controls make it possible to see the LFX28968ST refrigerator’s storage temperature, filter replacement dates and more. Separate digital sensors monitor the refrigerator, freezer and room temperature. The unit vents cold air onto each shelf to maintain an optimal food storage environment and has a filter to keep the air inside fresh. The fridge sounds an alarm every 30 seconds if a door is open for over a minute. This feature not only helps prevent costly food spoilage but can also save energy expenses.

This fridge’s visual appeal suffers slightly because it only comes in one color option, stainless steel, and is not magnetic. However, stainless steel is a popular look that complements most modern kitchens.

The space-saving icemaker adds an innovative touch. The icemaker can produce 3.5 pounds of ice a day, and the ice tray is easy to access behind a small door. This bin holds about 2.8 pounds of ice at a time, which is more than many other French door fridges we reviewed. It delivers fresh-tasting water and ice free from impurities. The dispenser itself also accommodates tall containers such as water bottles and pitchers.

This refrigerator has a linear compressor motor that uses fewer movable parts than many of the other refrigerators in our review. This construction method helps keep the freezer quiet and efficient and has fewer parts that could break during long-term use. But just in case, LG Electronics covers this refrigerator freezer with a one-year parts and labor warranty, an extended seven-year warranty on the sealed system, and a 10-year warranty on the linear compressor.

Like many of the top refrigerator manufacturers, LG Electronics has a unique diagnostic tool to help with repairs. If something breaks, you can call LG and the customer support agent will instruct you on how to run the diagnostic test. Your French door refrigerator comes with a small speaker which emits a tone that contains the necessary information to diagnose the situation. You will have to hold your phone up to the speaker, but then the customer service agent will be able to tell what needs to be repaired in your fridge.

The LG LFX28968ST French door refrigerator has many innovative features and an impressive amount of space. The space-saving design gives you ample room for all of your groceries. It does use more energy than the majority of similar units on our French door fridge lineup, but the cost isn’t too bad for the amount of storage you get. The single color option limits your flexibility to match the fridge with your decor, but the stainless steel is attractive.

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