Pros / The meat grinder is equipped with a motor that delivers an above-average level of power in comparison to other more-tame home appliances.

Cons / It only comes with two cutting plates, versus the standard of three offered by other grinders.

 Verdict / Though the LEM 1113 suffers from additional accessories, it still offers sufficient performance to grind most common types of food.

Editor’s Note: The manufacturer has discontinued this product. It has been replaced by the upgraded LEM1224. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Meat Grinders site.

The LEM 1113 is a solid meat grinder capable of handling large quantities of meat, provided they’re cut small enough. This unit comes with a powerful motor, though due to the limitations of its plastic parts, the device is more susceptible to breakage than purely stainless steel meat grinders. It also comes equipped with fewer accessories than most grinders in our comparison, effectively limiting its range of uses to basic grinds. For these reasons, this device is ideal mainly for casual home use.

Assembling and operating this electric meat grinder is straightforward, thanks largely to the layout of the provided manual. Once you’ve assembled all the pieces, you have a simple layout of buttons that control turning the device on and off as well as activating reverse to dislodge any jams. The feed tube on the hopper measures 1 5/8 inches in diameter, which limits the size of meat cuts you can insert. Though this has little influence over how much meat it can process in each usage, it does limit the speed at which you can grind large quantities of meat.

The food grinder utilizes a 3/4-horsepower, or 575-watt, motor to grind meat, helping it to achieve an average processing output of 2 pounds of meat per minute. This amount of power is considered slightly above average for the industry, which means it should handle tougher meats with relative ease. Despite this power, the motor is limited in terms of longevity due to its construction, as it uses plastic gears that more easily chip and break in the event of grinding jams. Should the motor jam and break, you can make use of its one-year warranty to receive a replacement.

This meat grinder comes with two cutting plates, one for fine grinding and the other for coarse. Though this is one fewer plate than the average grinder has, this covers the more standard grinds needed for a variety of recipes. In addition, it offers the standard fare of accessories, including a single 7/8-inch sausage stuffing tube and a single cutting blade. These are the basics for achieving a variety of grinds, though the absence of additional sausage tubes or even a kibbe attachment can prove quite limiting.

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The LEM 1113 offers above-average motor power that allows it to grind a variety of meats. Tougher meats can slow down this home meat grinder’s efficiency, and if it encounters a jam this might have a significant impact on the unit’s plastic gears. Its limited accessories likewise limit its range of uses to a more basic variety of grinds. This device likely won’t withstand the rigors of daily use, though for basic uses like grinding meat patties or sausage, it will ultimately fulfill its purpose.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)

Design & Accessories

Cutting Plate Diameter (inches)
Kibbe Attachment
Number of Cutting Plates
Number of Cutting Blades
Sausage Attachment


1 Year
Online Manual


Unit Foot Type
Rubber Feet
Tapered Throat
Recessed Power Switch
Circuit Breaker
UL Approved
Dishwasher Safe

Performance Specifications

Rated Power (watts)
Rated Horsepower (HP)
Grinding Rate (pounds/per minute)
Number of Speeds
Reverse Function


Small Chunks
Large Chunks
Fat and Tendon
Soft Bone