Pros / This meat grinder is capable of handling occasional bones from foods like chicken.

Cons / When grinding more than five pounds of meat, you’ll need to regularly clean out the hopper to reduce fat buildup and jamming.

 Verdict / The Maverick MM-5501, while a powerful meat grinder, suffers from the inability to handle large quantities of meat and is intended only for small amounts of grinding.

The Maverick MM-5501 comes with multiple attachments that extend its range of use beyond meat grinding to include foods like cheese, nuts, fruit and vegetables. This meat grinder is equipped to handle harder items, but it has a small hopper that largely constrains its ability to handle large quantities or chunks of meat without occasional jams. Despite this efficiency problem, the grinder can still handle occasional pieces of bone and other hard textures, saving you some time from needing to cut meat into very small pieces prior to grinding.

Using a 575-watt motor, the Maverick is capable of cutting through most standard types of tender meat, provided it is kept cool enough. As meat warms up, the fat smears on the inside of the food grinder, causing it to clog the device and slow down the rate of cutting from the standard of around a pound of meat per minute. While such congestion should not cause frequent jams, the manufacturer recommends frequently cleaning out this device when grinding more than 5 pounds of meat.

The quality of the device’s cutting blade allows it to chop up harder foods. For example, if you plan to grind chicken, the electric meat grinder can handle the occasional bone without jamming or dulling the blades. While this doesn't guarantee larger bones, or meat with the skin still attached, won't become jammed sometimes, the blades and motor should be adequate for most households. However, if it does break, the device only comes with a 90-day warranty, one of the shortest warranty periods we’ve seen for this type of product. If you're looking for a meat grinder with a much longer warranty, take a look at the five-year coverage offered with the Waring Pro MG855.

The Maverick comes with the standard stainless steel meat grinder accessories, such as a cutting blade, three cutting plates and a sausage cone. In addition, the device comes with a kibbe maker that allows you to make your favorite meatball recipes. The most unique of these attachments is a cookie maker die, extending the use of the device beyond simple meat grinding. However, the limited size of the meat feeding tray does limit the quantity of foods you’re able to put into the grinder at a time.

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 The Maverick MM-5501 comes equipped with a powerful motor that promises consistent grinding quality. Whether you want your food finely minced or coarse for chili, the home meat grinder should deliver on the results you expect. It comes with multiple accessories for extending the range of what it can grind, though its limited hopper size can still easily result in jams if your food is cut too large.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)

Design & Accessories

Cutting Plate Diameter (inches)
Kibbe Attachment
Number of Cutting Plates
Number of Cutting Blades
Sausage Attachment


90 Days
Online Manual


Unit Foot Type
Rubber Feet
Tapered Throat
Recessed Power Switch
Circuit Breaker
UL Approved
Dishwasher Safe

Performance Specifications

Rated Power (watts)
Rated Horsepower (HP)
Grinding Rate (pounds/per minute)
Number of Speeds
Reverse Function


Small Chunks
Large Chunks
Fat and Tendon
Soft Bone