Pros / This meat grinder utilizes heavily-durable parts, which ensures long-term use and performance.

Cons / It only comes with one cutting plate, which greatly restricts the fineness of grinds you can achieve.

 Verdict / The Maxi-Matic offers a standard experience for meat grinding, though you won’t be able to create much variety in your grindings.

The Maxi-Matic HA-3433A is an entry-level meat grinder with a simple design. It comes with a limited number of accessories and an unimposing motor, basically giving you the ability to grind the most common types of meat, along with some nonstandard foods. The meat grinder won’t help you achieve a large variety of grinds, but it can withstand casual use for single-family meals. This device, though limited in capability, is still made of durable parts that will allow you to start making your own hamburgers and sausages with ease.

Many meat grinders come with a standard array of features you should expect in your device, such as a reverse switch and multiple plates for adjusting meat fineness. Where devices ultimately set themselves apart is in the strength of their motors, as well as other merits such as ease of maintenance. The Maxi-Matic has a standard motor, but the device is easy to clean and maintain.

This stainless steel meat grinder comes equipped with a feed-screw shaft designed with a rubber seal that prevents liquids from seeping into the motor drive. In addition, the unit comes with an aluminum die-cast grinder head, stainless steel cutting plates and blade, and a removable hopper.

The grinder is lacking in accessories. The most noticeable of these is extra cutting plates; it comes with only one, instead of the typical three. The Maxi-Matic offers a single switch to turn the device on, off and into reverse. Though this fulfills the most basic of grinding needs with a single speed, it may make the device adequate for grinding tougher meats, or for avoiding jams with hard food like nuts.

The grinder utilizes a 550-watt motor for grinding meat at a reasonable rate. While it won’t compare with commercial-grade equipment, the device can grind an average of 1 pound of meat per minute, a reasonable expectation for even the best domestic meat grinders. While the motor struggles through fatty meat, you should be able to cut it – just at a slower rate. In addition, the device can power through boiled bones. The main tradeoff to this grinder, apart from its limited motor capabilities, is how noisy the device becomes while active, often requiring the operator to wear earplugs.

This food grinder is among the best options to begin with if you’re just learning to grind meat. In addition to a low price point, the device comes with a single cutting blade and three grinding plates to facilitate multiple grinding textures for a variety of meats. These small parts are easy to install and remove on the device, which makes the task of disassembly and hand cleaning relatively simple. Though the removable parts are not dishwasher safe, you can still clean the bulk of the parts with little effort, though the cutting plates and hopper may require some additional tools to remove meat and fat from its crevices. If you're in the market for a more versatile and more powerful meat grinder, you might want to consider the STX Turboforce 3000.

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 The Maxi-Matic HA-3433A is a low-cost and long-lasting meat grinder for home use that gains much of its popularity through a reliable and sturdy design. While the device doesn’t offer a high level of meat grinding output due to the power limitations of its motor, it still proves capable of handling a variety of textures. It isn’t an ideal pick if you grind meat frequently, as this device only offers the basics and isn't meant to handle extreme quantities.

Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)

Design & Accessories

Cutting Plate Diameter (inches)
Kibbe Attachment
Number of Cutting Plates
Number of Cutting Blades
Sausage Attachment


1 Year
Online Manual


Unit Foot Type
Rubber Feet
Tapered Throat
Recessed Power Switch
Circuit Breaker
UL Approved
Dishwasher Safe

Performance Specifications

Rated Power (watts)
Rated Horsepower (HP)
Grinding Rate (pounds/per minute)
Number of Speeds
Reverse Function


Small Chunks
Large Chunks
Fat and Tendon
Soft Bone