Pros / This meat grinder comes with kibbe and sausage attachments.

Cons / The underpowered motor and small cutting blades hinder the grinder's performance.

 Verdict / If you grind meat infrequently and plan to stick with soft meats, this grinder is a good choice. The extra attachments make it a versatile small appliance.

The Nesco FG-180 comes with a limited range of uses because of its underpowered motor and small grinding head. This reduces the amount of meat output you get from the meat grinder, as well as the size of chunks you can feed into the unit. If you regularly grind whole deer or the occasional 20-pound batch of beef, this unit still proves quite capable of handling large quantities. However, this unit may not stand up to long-term daily use, and you could experience frequent jams if you don't cut meat small enough.

Equipped with a 500-watt, 1/2-horsepower motor and forward and reverse speeds, this food grinder is ideal for small cuts of meat and vegetable grinding. It comes with three grinding plates to achieve fine, medium and coarse grinds, as well as a kibbe and sausage attachment for added variety. Once you’ve finished using the unit, you can disassemble it and clean it by hand with relative ease, though you may want to grind a slice of bread through it before disassembling as this is an effective pre-cleaning measure.

This electric meat grinder utilizes a #5 grinder head, which is on the small side for cutting plates and measures 2 1/8 inches. Many other grinders are larger, which affects both the amount of food you can feed into the grinder and the rate of output for ground meat. At its peak level of performance, this grinder can achieve 2 pounds of ground meat per minute for the most tender cuts. If you want a meat grinder with a greater grinding performance, look at the STX Turboforce 3000.

For the first year of use, this home meat grinder is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the motor and parts. It won’t, however, protect the dulling of the cutting blade, as this is something you’ll need to maintain between by frequently sharpening and eventually replacing them. The instruction manual offers best practice advice for cleaning the grinder to keep it sanitary between uses, in addition to instructions on how best to grind different foods, including meat, fish and nuts.

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The Nesco FG-180 offers a standard level of performance among stainless steel meat grinders. Though its performance is quite unremarkable in comparison to most units we reviewed, it is capable of cutting through most small cuts of meat as well as some vegetables and nuts with little difficulty. Its one-year warranty protects its plastic gears in the event of breakage that can occur from frequent jams. The main shortcoming of this unit is its #5 grinder head, which reduces the amount of meat you can feed into the device at a time.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)

Design & Accessories

Cutting Plate Diameter (inches)
Kibbe Attachment
Number of Cutting Plates
Number of Cutting Blades
Sausage Attachment


1 Year
Online Manual


Unit Foot Type
Suction Cup
Tapered Throat
Recessed Power Switch
Circuit Breaker
UL Approved
Dishwasher Safe

Performance Specifications

Rated Power (watts)
Rated Horsepower (HP)
Grinding Rate (pounds/per minute)
Number of Speeds
Reverse Function


Small Chunks
Large Chunks
Fat and Tendon
Soft Bone