Pros / It slices all food types evenly and easily.

Cons / It does not have the most powerful motor.

 Verdict / This is a great, easy-to-use slicer with a full array of safety features.

Editor's Note: There is a newer model of the Chef's Choice 610 available - the Chef's Choice 615A. The buy button will take you to the newer model. We will be evaluating and reporting on this newer model in the future. As such, Top Ten Reviews will no longer update the information for the 610 model. For now, please enjoy the review of the Chef's Choice 610 below.

The Chef's Choice 610 from EdgeCraft is a terrific, easy-to-use meat slicer that makes slicing foods in any quantity fun instead of a chore. As we tested it, it never snagged on any foods or struggled to process them, and it produced consistently even slices, whether thick or thin. It's simple to remove the components after use for cleaning. With its bevy of protective features, it's also one of the safest slicers to use.

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  • Weight
  • Power
  • Blade Diameter
  1. How much the slicer weighs.
    A higher number means it may be heavier to lift.
  2. 1  Chef's Choice
    10.2 Pounds
  3. 10.0 Pounds
  4. 3  Nesco
    13.2 Pounds
  5. Category Average
    12.08 Pounds


This consumer-grade meat slicer is our top performer of those we tested. It easily cut through meats, cheese, vegetables and artisan bread, producing even and appealing slices, both thick and thin. It has a 100-watt gear-driven motor, and even though the industry recommends a motor of at least 130 watts in order to produce quality slices, this motor and blade surpassed all of the higher-powered slicers in our lineup. It smoothly tackles all food types with no strain on the motor or blade. Additionally, the blade and other components are a cinch to disassemble for cleaning, taking only about a second to take apart or reassemble.

The included blade has a 7-inch diameter and is made of stainless steel. It has serrated edges, making it ideal for tough meats, cheese, bread and most anything else. However, serrated blades can be tougher to sharpen than those with smooth edges. You can adjust the thickness of each slice while the blade is running or even if it is in the off position. You can gauge the thickness by sight, or you can rely on the easy-to-move numeric adjustment knob behind the carriage area. You simply have to move the knob to a small number for a thin slice or a larger number for a thick slice. We found that the thickness options extend well beyond what most people will need, but it is nice to have the option for a thicker slice.

The Chef's Choice 610 is compact compared to the other units in our lineup. It measures 15 x 10.5 x 10.8 inches and weighs 10.2 pounds. It is light enough to move and lift easily, but it also feels plenty stable. The body is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, and it feels well-made and looks like it belongs in a professional kitchen.

This meat slicer works quite well, but if you want a high-performing model with a lower price tag, try the Maxi-Matic EMT-503B Elite.


This food slicer felt safe to use during testing, and it has a solid construction and quality parts that make it durable and reliable. Additionally, it features a dual safety switch. This means you need to flip an extra switch on before the blade will start running, giving you full control over when the blade is running and reducing potential accidents.

For added safety, the unit has rubberized feet that give it stability on the countertop so it doesn't move while you slice. It has a recessed power switch so that you are far less likely to accidentally turn it on, potentially causing injury. You can also lock the blade, which prevents it from moving when not in use and keeps it stable during use. While running, the motor puts out 64 dB of sound, which is average for the units in our lineup.

It comes with a plastic hand guard and food pusher, which is the barrier between your hand and the sharp blade. It has small spikes, which grip whatever food you are slicing, keeping it stable as it is being sliced. The end of it slips onto the bar end of the carriage, so you don't have to worry about the guard ever slipping off, unless you choose to remove it for cleaning.

Warranty & Support

With a one-year manufacturer warranty behind it, you can use the slicer for a long time with peace of mind. You can contact the company's customer service with questions or concerns either via telephone or email, and its contact information is on its website. While you are online, you can also refer to the other resources it has for you – a FAQs section and a digital copy of the owner manual.


The Chef's Choice 610 is a quality meat slicer that lets you slice all kinds of food quickly and easily. It is simple to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. It has a 100-watt gear-driven motor and a 7-inch stainless steel blade with serrated edges. It is packed with built-in safety features and comes with the standard one-year warranty. Its stellar performance, ease of use and safety aspects are why this slicer sits at the top of our list.

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1 Year
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Stainless Steel
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