Editor’s Note: There is an upgraded product available from this manufacturer and our buy button link will take you to it. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Thermoses review.

A good single-serve option at a low price point, the Reduce Vacuum Food Jar offers good value and an ethical purchase that's functional, too. It lacks in features, but that's not surprising for a low-tier thermos, and it covers the basics well.

With a 12-ounce capacity, this food jar carries enough food or drink for a single serving. It's a good choice for drinks, soup or baby food and copes well with items such as stews, rice and pasta. The limited capacity means that this travel tumbler isn't a good choice for sharing.

Although the manufacturer doesn't state how long the food jar retains internal temperature, this food jar is vacuum insulated, with a double wall of recycled stainless steel. Using recycled materials and being recyclable itself, this travel mug is an Earth-friendly product. All the materials are BPA free, so it is a sensible option for the health-conscious consumer.

To prevent slipping, this model has a band of non-slip rubber around the base and a rubber band around the top for a secure seal. Unfortunately, the lid does not feature a rubber grip, nor does it have any contouring and, being stainless steel, is slippery and hard to grip, which can make opening a challenge. It is airtight, so is leak-proof and, because it is compact, at just 5.38 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, you can easily stow it away in a lunch box or backpack. The Reduce Vacuum Food Jar would benefit from a carry case or a handle for more convenience, as well as a pour top for ease of use. The steel body is not shatter-proof, so this travel tumbler cannot withstand impact damage. It isn't scratch-resistant, so marks easily and isn't dishwasher safe. Instead, you must wash it by hand with a non-abrasive cloth.

This low-tier travel tumbler is basic but practical, offering insulation for hot or cold foods and drinks. It is small and leak-proof, so is safe and easy to store in a backpack or lunch box. Recyclable and made from recycled stainless steel, the Reduce Vacuum Food Jar is an eco-friendly product. Disappointingly, it isn't shatter-proof or dishwasher-safe, but overall offers good value.

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