Pros / It keeps ice chilled for 120 hours.

Cons / This thermos isn’t easy to clean.

 Verdict / The Stanley Classic is a great thermos to take along on your outdoor adventures. It keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours and holds enough to share with your buddies while camping or fishing.

The Stanley Classic thermos is designed to withstand bumps and tips. Its heavy-duty stainless steel body is thick, plus it holds 35 ounces – enough to share between a few people. We tested how well it keeps drinks hot or cold, and how long ice lasts in it, and it performed well. We feel the Stanley Classic is the best thermos to take along camping or fishing or any outdoor adventure.

This thermos kept drinks hot for 24 hours and still retained 95 percent of its heat. It only warmed up 15 degrees over 24 hours when we filled it with cold water. And it kept ice for an impressive 120 hours; that’s a full five days, just like the manufacturer claimed.

The Stanly Classic is big, so it won’t fit in a car cup holder. It’s also heavy, over 2 pounds when empty, so even with the side handle it will feel burdensome if you’re carrying it when full. The handle is tough enough to slip over a belt or rope. And because of its double seal caps it won’t spill or leak if you carry it in a backpack. And one of the caps can double as a cup if you don’t want to drink straight from the thermos or want to share a drink with someone. If you need something smaller we suggest looking at the YETI Rambler. It, too, is sturdily built for outdoor activities, but it isn’t as big or heavy as the Stanley Classic.

Whether it held cold or hot liquids, the insulated stainless steel body kept the outside of the thermos room temperature during our tests. The Stanley also didn’t collect condensation on the outside. The entire thermos is made from BPA free materials, so it is a safe thermos choice, too. It isn’t dishwasher safe, though, so you will have to hand wash it. This could become tricky since the mouth is a bit narrow compared to other thermoses we tested and because it is so tall you can’t fit your hand inside to clean it easily. You will need a long-handled bottle brush to clean the bottom.

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The Stanley Classic is a large and heavy thermos that is great for taking along camping or hiking. It keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours and ice chilled for five days, and its dual caps seal it tight to prevent leaks. Just keep in mind that it isn’t easy to clean because the mouth isn’t wide enough to fit your hand inside, and it isn’t dishwasher safe.

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