Pros / The ready-to-eat indicator light is very accurate.

Cons / The required cleanup takes a long time.

 Verdict / This waffle maker gives you delicious, large waffles. It's a great machine if you are prepared to clean it thoroughly each time you use it.

The Black & Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker is easily one of the best choices if you want large, perfectly done waffles. As we tested it, this waffle machine indicated exactly when the waffles were done, and it was spot on. This machine is also useful for a variety of other grilling purposes including omelets and sandwiches.

This waffle machine lacks an audio beeper to indicate when it is ready to cook or when the waffle is done, but that does not matter if you don't mind the indicator lights. When we tried it out, not only was the ready-to-use light easy to see, but the timing of each waffle’s completion was almost entirely on the mark. There is also browning control, which gives you the ability to set your waffle to whatever standard you like. We tried it at various levels, and the indicator light turned on at the right time for the various browning levels.

One feature that differentiates the Black & Decker from other waffle machines is the size of the waffles. Most machines make 7-inch waffles, but this one creates 9-inch waffles. We liked the portion size, and if you typically like large portions of food, this waffle maker is one of the best choices.

Another huge point in Black & Decker’s favor is its ability to make other food besides waffles. You can make omelets and toasted sandwiches with this machine, and the design is geared to make other food. The griddle plates are removable, so you can take them off and fix anything else on two flat surfaces. This waffle maker basically turns into a mini stove, which is useful if you enjoy making different grilled foods and you want to work on a single surface for your cooking.

One downside of this waffle maker’s versatility is the difficulty of cleaning it. Not only is it larger than normal, which naturally means a little more cooking time, but we also found the griddles hard to scrub. The drip pan also adds to the cleaning time, even though it keeps your kitchen surfaces clean. The plates are removable, which eases the process of cleaning, but it still takes more time than we considered normal to clean. If you'd prefer a waffle maker that doesn't take as long to clean, you might be interested in the All-Clad Classic.

Another downside is how hot the handles are, even for several minutes after it has been turned off. We had to wait a while before even attempting to clean it, and that could potentially be disruptive if you are typically in a hurry in the morning.

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  • Waffle Quality Score
  • Ready-to-Use Accuracy
  • Ready-to-Eat Accuracy
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  1. Overall quality of waffles from each unit.
  2. 3  Black & Decker
    77.0 %
  3. 97.0 %
  4. 89.0 %
  5. Category Average
    75.13 %


If you need to accurately determine how long a waffle breakfast will take to complete, the Black & Decker 3-in-1 is a solid choice. There are some flaws in the cleaning process, but apart from that, we highly recommend this waffle maker.

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