Pros / The browning control was precise and accurate in our testing.

Cons / A piece of the waffle maker broke off into the waffle during one baking session.

 Verdict / The waffles were often more crispy than they should have been, but the Cuisinart Round Classic has a solid construction and provides accurate, predictable cooking results.

The Cuisinart Round Classic is a waffle maker that bakes one waffle at a time with an average cooking time of a little over five minutes. This cooking time won't let you feed a whole family quickly, but it works well if you are just cooking for yourself, or yourself and a loved one.

This waffle maker features a conveniently placed power switch and a ready indicator right on the front. There’s also a browning control dial to maintain the desired temperature. Cuisinart does provide a few interesting recipes with the owner’s manual for this waffle iron, including fruit- and nut-based waffle recipes tailored to the appliance. Given the range of recipe ideas, you can take it as an invitation to get creative with your cooking. Just be sure to properly clean the waffle irons, especially when you’re cooking with recipes containing sugars as they are likely to stick. Cuisinart does recommend using cooking spray on this waffle maker, and the waffles turned out much better when we used it during the product’s testing. Like the Chef's Choice, this waffle maker was one of the easiest to remove waffles from. 

The built-in overflow well and brushed stainless steel finish make cleanup a breeze, and the low profile design of the Cuisinart Round Classic is made for easy storage. The only downside of the design is that the stainless steel top gets very hot during cooking and could pose a danger for anyone unaware that the power is on.

The base of the appliance provides a convenient place for you to wrap and store the cord while a latch keeps the lid closed. The flat edges of the handle and base on the front provide handy feet for the appliance, so you can store it standing on end if you need to. With its three-year manufacturer’s warranty, you have a wide window of time in which to use and replace your product if anything goes wrong with it.

When we tested the Cuisinart, the waffles tended to be a bit more crispy than the manufacture's cooking times indicated they should be. However, the only major problem was when a tiny piece of the inner plate got stuck in the waffle itself. It only happened once, but it still startled us to find a piece of the product in the food.

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  6. Category Average
    75.13 %


The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker is more than worth consideration. While the cooking time means you won’t be able to feed an army quickly, the solid construction, easy-to-clean surface, ready-for-storage design and generous three-year warranty period makes this one of the better waffle irons available for the serious waffle chef in your house.

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3 years
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