Pros / The cleanup time is very quick.

Cons / It took longer to cook waffles than the manual indicated.

 Verdict / It is easy to keep clean, but it does not have enough built-in baking accuracy to give you a reliable cooking time.

The Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker is an inviting choice, with its flip-style design. The waffle irons are attached, and the overall design makes for an evenly heated cooking surface. This flip waffle maker only makes one waffle at a time, and each takes about five minutes – which is longer than the best cooking times of other waffle irons we tested. This was also longer than the manual indicated it would take. If you’re just cooking for yourself or experimenting with new recipes, this longer cooking time won’t be a bother. However, if you plan to sit down to breakfast as a family all at once, you’ll have to keep the finished waffles warm while waiting for the others to cook.

The top side of the flip design has both Power and Ready indicators plus a Browning Control dial to maintain the desired temperature. The backside has a separate ready indicator that glows green when the irons are heated to their set temperature. This light will turn on and off while you’re cooking as the heating element works to maintain the iron’s temperature, and it in no way indicates the readiness of the waffle.

Hamilton Beach does not provide a recipe book with this Belgian waffle maker. However, there’s no shortage of waffle recipe ideas out there. It is best to consult your favorite recipes for an established cooking time, especially given the lack of finish indicators on the Hamilton. The low cost and the fixed-plate design make the Hamilton Beach Belgian Style a great tool for kitchen experimentation. Unlike the All-Clad, this unit doesn't offer a no-drip feature. However, the anodized plates will bring you years of service so long as you take care of them, and given the just three-minute cleaning time, that is not hard.

This flip-style waffle maker has a matte finish and a footprint that is larger than a toaster. Given the size, you may consider giving it space on the countertop, but storing it between uses will protect the finish from dust. The anodized plates will require a little extra care over the waffle maker’s lifetime, but if properly treated, the non-stick coating will last for years. Cleaning the unit with a damp sponge is generally enough to keep it clean, but a dishtowel with some vegetable oil on it may be required to remove stuck-on debris.

The Hamilton Beach Belgian Style waffle maker comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is common for waffle makers. There is no instructional video, but if you keep an eye on it, then it poses no real challenges or dangers.

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  1. Overall quality of waffles from each unit.
  2. 4  Hamilton Beach
    72.0 %
  3. 97.0 %
  4. 89.0 %
  5. 77.0 %
  6. Category Average
    75.13 %


With good-quality waffles and quick cleanup, this waffle maker has plenty to offer any waffle lover. Because there's no ready-to-eat light or alarm, it requires pretty close watch, but it still provides results that are good enough to earn our recommendation.

Hamilton Beach Belgian Style 26030 Visit Site

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No-drip Feature
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1 year
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