Pros / The waffles are easy to remove from the waffle iron.

Cons / The ready-to-eat indicator was nearly useless, and it was hard to keep track of the baking level.

 Verdict / Even though it makes good-tasting waffles, it takes much more effort to learn and manage than it should.

The Oster DuraCeramic is a waffle maker that will perform the most basic functions of any working waffle machine. Its waffles are not only tasty, but this flip waffle maker is compatible with different ingredients and mixes.

The inclusion of a browning control function is impressive, and even though the waffles turned out well at different settings, we often had to experiment with the baking time when we tested the product. The lack of accurate ready-to-eat timing is one of the weakest parts of this waffle machine. No matter what waffle recipe or heat level we tried, it did not do a good job of indicating when a waffle was fully cooked. Its ready-to-eat light goes on when a waffle is still soggy, which means you risk under-cooking the waffle or over-cooking it. There is also no audio beeper, so if you walk away and don’t see the light indications, you risk burning your waffles, which can damage the waffle iron.

We had no problem removing fully-baked waffles. The ceramic waffle iron made it easy to maneuver a spatula between a waffle and the surface. There is also no difficulty in assembly, with just a simple plug-in for baking preparation. The clean-up takes more than a few minutes, however, even if you are careful. The machine did not drip excessively, but the flip structure is difficult to work around. If you'd like a unit that is easier to clean, you might want to consider the Cuisinart.

The handles are heat-resistant, and even when we had the waffle maker set at warm temperatures we had no trouble gripping the handles when we turned the waffle. The size of the Oster DuraCeramic presents difficulty in either moving or storing it, since it takes up a lot of room. It is not collapsible, so you have to store it as is, which can be challenging if you do not have much counter or storage space.

The waffle maker has a one-year warranty, which is typical for its design and capabilities. You can email customer service, and receive a reply within 48 hours. You can reach the help service line during business hours, and Oster’s representatives seem both friendly and informed.

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  2. 7  Oster
    73.0 %
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  5. 77.0 %
  6. Category Average
    75.13 %


This is one of the more difficult waffle irons to clean. Even with some effort it had quite a bit of residue. We like that it works well in a variety of situations, though. The ability to work with different kinds of waffle recipes is admirable, but the Oster DuraCeramic has some flaws in baking setup and design that keep it slightly under the best choices in waffle makers.

Oster DuraCeramic CKSTWFBF22-ECO Visit Site

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1 year
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