Pros / The ready times are reliable.

Cons / The machine lacks a drip tray for cleaning.

 Verdict / This waffle maker is simple enough to learn how to use quickly, but it is also very messy.

The Proctor Silex Round Belgian Waffle Maker has ready-time accuracy to make your baking experience easy. Both the ready-to-use light and the ready-to-eat light are admirably on-point in determining when to bake or remove waffles.

There is no browning control on this waffle machine, which means that if you like your waffles baked more or less than the ready light indicates, you will have to experiment with how long it takes you to reach your preference. There is also no audio beeper, so you will have to stay physically close to the waffle maker to keep track of when the ready-to-eat light is on. Like most waffle irons, it is also not a multifunction machine, so do not expect to make sandwiches or omelets with this Belgian waffle maker.

The waffles are very difficult to remove from the griddle irons, even when they are coated in oil or cooking spray. We had to pry out the ones that were cooked to be very brown. The waffles themselves did not bake very well, with some coming out a little runny and under-baked, and others too crispy. This waffle machine does not handle a variety of browning levels well. If you'd prefer a waffle maker that offers plenty of browning options, you might be interested in the Cuisinart.

This waffle maker is easy to assemble, and we did not have to do much more than plug it in for it to be assembled. The clean-up is not hard either. However, it has no dripping plate, and it made a pretty large mess around it while cooking.

Since the Proctor Silex Round Belgian is small, you can store it pretty much anywhere in a kitchen. You can also close the iron and store it upright after you unplug it. There is no cord storage, but the cord is not long enough to pose a major inconvenience for most storage space.

The support services are useful, with a one-year warranty and an email for customer service. There is also a phone number, and you can reach the manufacturer’s offices during business hours. There are no instructional videos, but the Proctor Silex Round Belgian is not difficult to figure out even if you are not experienced in waffle making.

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  • Waffle Quality Score
  • Ready-to-Use Accuracy
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  1. Overall quality of waffles from each unit.
  2. 6  Proctor Silex
    63.0 %
  3. 97.0 %
  4. 89.0 %
  5. 77.0 %
  6. Category Average
    75.13 %


The size and readiness accuracy of the Proctor Silex model are on par with the best waffle maker standards. However, the Proctor Silex Round Belgian Waffle Maker can be messy and limiting if you like making a variety of waffles.

Proctor Silex Round Belgian 26070 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Prep & Cleanup

Waffle Removal Grade
Assembly Time
Time to Ready
Clean-up Time
No-drip Feature
Removable Plates
Outside Stays Cool


Waffle Maker Size
Heat-resistant Handles
Upright Storage
Cord Storage

Warranty & Support

1 year
Instructional Video


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