Pros / The stain removal guide helps you clean a few specific, stubborn stains, including grass.

Cons / Other machines we compared will cost you less in annual operation, power and water.

 Verdict / There are more efficient machines out there, but this unit offers the large capacity and steam cleaning that make it more versatile than some of the energy savers.

A lackluster warranty and energy efficiency score keep the GE GFW450SSMWW from making the top spots in our lineup, but this large capacity front-load washer still has some good things to offer. It has a quick cycle for when you are in a hurry and steam cleaning power for breaking up tough stains. The matching dryer, GFD45ESSMWW, also harnesses steam for dewrinkling and refreshing clothing. This washer also stands out in terms of design for being the only machine to come in multiple colors – perfect for fitting into your unique décor.

This is not an impressive machine in terms of energy efficiency, but that is not surprising when you consider it is the third largest in our lineup. It is above average for almost every single measurement we considered – yearly operation, power and water costs, as well as annual water usage and water used per wash. It still has an Energy Star from the EPA, so it meets government guidelines for energy savings. It just looks bad for efficiency next to the others in our lineup.

The GFW450SSMWW is a little below average when comparing wash cycle selection, too. The 10 cycles that it boasts is way more than machines from previous generations, but not that much when you compare it to the best-selling units we compared. There are a few specific cycles that will come in handy including a cycle for active wear and two sanitize cycles that are certified by the NSF, meaning they reduce bacteria by 99.9%. One standout feature is the stain removal guide, which adjust the cycle to specifically clean grass, wine, blood, tomato or dirt.

The warranty on this washer is fairly short for all types of coverage. It lasts just one year, even on the motor and tub. Many other washers we compared have warranties of five to 10 years coving the motor and tub. For a machine with longer warranties, check out the Maytag MHW3505F.

This machine has a large capacity that will help you wash bedding and other bulky things with ease. It is not the most energy efficient we looked at, but it still does some things right, as evidenced by its Energy Star certification. The specific stain settings and steam cleaning options make it a good choice if you often have to deal with tough stains on clothing. Both are designed to power through them without much human intervention.

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