Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

This GE top loading washer gives you a Time Saver mode that thoroughly washes a full load of laundry in 37 minutes. You can also make short work of stains with the specialized removal functions for blood, tomato, wine, dirt, grass or coffee. This washer offers a precise distribution of detergent throughout wash cycles to enhance cleaning. You can get clean and fresh clothes quickly with the help of this 4.9-cubic-foot washer's sanitizing cycle that eliminates as much as 99 percent of bacteria. It can also clear away as much as 99 percent of pet dander and dust mite allergens. This washer is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. If you want a front loading washer and dryer combination, also take a look at the GE GFD49ERPKDG. This dryer comes with sensors that determine drying time depending on the wetness of clothes, a steam clothing refresh cycle, and a tumbling mode that prevents sheets and other items from becoming tangled.

Its steam cycle can loosen heavy soil and deep-set stains, while the sanitizing cycle can kill off 99.9 percent of bacteria not only in clothing, but also in towels and bedding. This works wonders if you have opted for cloth diapers for a baby, as it lets you wash them while keeping your other items free of risky bacteria. Also included in the 13 washing cycles are ones for small loads, towels and sheets, bulky items, active wear, and more.

This front load washer has an internal water heater that raises temperatures to eliminate difficult stains and cut down on bacteria. You also get an allergen cycle that cleans away 99.9 percent of pet dander and dust mites from your laundry, so if anyone in your household is allergic to these things, their clothes and bedding will be fresh and it will be easier for them to breathe.

Both the allergen and sanitizing cycles meet the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation, so you can be certain that the fabrics you wash in this GE machine are exceptionally clean and free of bacteria and allergens. To boost the cleaning performance, this front load washer offers a precision dispense function that releases detergent repeatedly throughout the wash. You can set the delay-wash capability as far as 24 hours ahead to make the washer work perfectly for your busy schedule.

An excellent electric dryer to accompany this washer is the GE GFD49ERPKDG, which has an exceptionally big drum that is 8.3 cubic feet in capacity. This dryer comes with a steam refresh function, a detangling capability so towels and sheets are not wound around each other when you take them out, and a sanitizing drying cycle. The GE GFW490RPKDG is decent on energy costs but if you need a smaller, more efficient machine, consider the Bosch WAT28402UC - you would lose capacity but lower energy bills. 

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