Pros / It comes with two rechargeable batteries.

Cons / This mower is not self-propelled, making it hard to turn with a full bag.

 Verdict / Earthwise offers this cordless electric mower with an efficient two-battery design, but you may have trouble maneuvering with its bulky base.

The Earthwise 40-volt cordless electric lawn mower offers an alternative to the harmful emissions of gas mowers. This electric mower runs on two lithium-ion batteries that maintain power for up to 55 minutes before needing a recharge. You’ll need to plug in the batteries for two hours to reach a full charge, which is standard for most battery-powered lawn mowers. The mower has a battery indicator on the body that lets you know how much power is left.

This electric lawn mower has a wide, 20-inch cutting path and seven different cutting positions. This means you have complete control over the length of your lawn. The Earthwise mower can cut as short as 1 3/4 inches and as long as 4 inches. For difficult jobs or large fields, the long setting is a useful option.

The handle has a nice, comfortable grip, though we found it difficult to maneuver the wheels, in part because this mower's material seemed cheaper than other electric mowers we tested, making the mower harder to turn. Adding to this difficulty was the model’s weight and lack of self-propulsion. This electric mower weighs 52 pounds, which can feel like quite a lot when you don’t have a motor helping out. A full bag could add as much as 20 more pounds, adding up to over 70 pounds of grass and mower to push around your yard.

The deck material is made of steel, which looks good but isn’t the most effective material. Other small electric lawn mowers use polymer, which is lighter and tends to last longer. Steel is more prone to rust, especially in humid climates.

As good as this electric lawn mower is, it didn't perform well enough to be our top pick. Which was the EGO LM2102SP.

The mower comes with a two-year warranty, which is less than the five-year warranty offered by some other companies. There is a lack of support on the manufacturer website, and no downloadable manual online. The only way to reach someone is by phone or by email form, meaning you might run into some difficulties contacting the company if you ever need to service your machine.

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  • Volts
  • Total Weight
  • Battery Charge-time
  • Battery Weight
  • Cutting Path Width
  • Warranty
  1. Higher voltage means stronger torque and a smoother cut.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  Earthwise
    40.0 Volts
  3. 1  EGO
    56.0 Volts
  4. 2  Kobalt
    80.0 Volts
  5. 40.0 Volts
  6. Category Average
    51.5 Volts


The Earthwise 40-volt cordless electric lawn mower has good battery life, a large bag and a comfortable grip. Still, it falls short of other models in our review because of its heavy design without the ability to self-propel. This is a decent mower, but it lacks the maneuverability and quality materials of higher-ranked mowers.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Average Battery Run-time (minutes)
Battery Charge Time (hours)
Battery Type
Batteries Included
Battery Weight (pounds)
Removable Battery
Battery Remaining Indicator


Optimal Yard Size
1/4 acre
Cutting Path Width (inches)
Number of Cutting Positions
Minimum Cut Height (inches)
Maximum Cut Height (inches)


Safe-Start Mechanism
Single-Lever Height Adjustment
Handle Cushioning
Mulch Option

Mower Design

Total Weight (pounds)
Deck Material
Front Wheel Diameter (inches)
Rear Wheel Diameter (inches)
Side Discharge

Warranty & Support

2 Years
Phone Support
Email Support
Operator's Manual Online
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