Pros / The bag holds over 12 gallons of clippings and is easy to remove and attach.

Cons / With the battery installed, the mower weighs 69 pounds, which can make it hard to push.

 Verdict / The Neuton CE6 is sleek and effective, even if it weighs more than the average battery-powered mower. With its long battery life, you can mow your lawn without recharging frequently.

Electric lawn mowers are great for eco-minded homeowners looking to replace their gas-powered mowers. The Neuton CE6 is an efficient cordless mower that gives your lawn a clean-cut look without harmful emissions from oil and gasoline.

The Neuton CE6 weighs 69 pounds with the 23-pound battery installed, which is lightweight compared to a gas mower but heavier than the best electric lawn mowers. It has a 19-inch deck made of a reinforced polyethylene that you can raise and lower using just one hand. The battery and height adjustment levers are concealed beneath a translucent shield that covers the majority of the top of the mower.

Neuton sells a trimmer and edger attachment for the CE6, which gives your lawn’s edges a clean look. You can also purchase replacement blades and a blade sharpener from the company’s website. Keep in mind that you have to move this mower by your own power, as it does not have a self-propulsion feature.

This mower mulches or bags grass clippings but does not have a side discharge chute. The bag holds over 12 gallons of clippings, and switching to bagging mode is as easy as attaching it to the back of the mower. In mulching mode, the mower multi-cuts the clippings before they drop back to your lawn. It enters this mode when you remove the bag and slide in the mulch plug.

Large batteries generally drain quicker than small ones. The Neuton’s 36-volt battery provides up to an hour of energy, which gives the mower a great balance of cutting power and duration. The CE6 can handle lawns up to 1/3 acre on a single charge.

You can purchase an additional 36-volt battery on the Neuton website if you have a larger yard. When you near the end of the CE6’s available battery power, it is easy to switch in the replacement and finish your lawn in one session. This method puts less stress on the included battery, and you can always have a fully charged one nearby.

Neuton's website has information about the mower and battery, downloadable owner manuals, and a store where you can purchase replacement parts and accessories. If you can't find the support you need there, you can also live chat with a representative.

This is a mower that will get the job done – but if you need more than that, consider our top pick the EGO 2102SP.

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  • Volts
  • Total Weight
  • Battery Charge-time
  • Battery Weight
  • Cutting Path Width
  • Warranty
  1. Higher voltage means stronger torque and a smoother cut.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8  Neuton
    36.0 Volts
  3. 1  EGO
    56.0 Volts
  4. 2  Kobalt
    80.0 Volts
  5. 40.0 Volts
  6. Category Average
    49.78 Volts


The CE6 is good for small and midsize yards and is a capable mower in thick or wet grass. Its large bag capacity and 19-inch cutting swath make mowing quick and easy, though it isn’t self-propelled. The Neuton CE6 is a straightforward electric lawn mower.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Optimal Yard Size
1/3 acre
Cutting Path Width (inches)
Number of Cutting Positions
Minimum Cut Height (inches)
Maximum Cut Height (inches)

Warranty & Support

2 Years
Phone Support
Email Support
Operator's Manual Online
Service Center Locator


Safe-Start Mechanism
Single-Lever Height Adjustment
Handle Cushioning
Mulch Option

Mower Design

Total Weight (pounds)
Deck Material
Front Wheel Diameter (inches)
Rear Wheel Diameter (inches)
Side Discharge


Average Battery Run-time (minutes)
Battery Charge Time (hours)
Battery Type
Batteries Included
Battery Weight (pounds)
Removable Battery
Battery Remaining Indicator