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Best Weather Stations

Weather stations can be as simple or complicated as you need. We looked at 10 of them to find the most accurate easy-to- assemble stations.


For serious weather watchers, we recommend the Tycon Power Pro Weather Station. Though it has a somewhat complicated setup and installation, it’s one of the most durable and accurate stations we

Oregon Scientific Backyard Pro

The Oregon Scientific Backyard Pro weather station is one of the easiest to set up. It doesn’t require much assembly, though getting the indoor and outdoor sensors to connect takes more work tha


Netatmo is one of the most well-designed weather stations we reviewed, with a sleek and simple appearance similar to Amazon’s Echo. Our reviewers liked the simplicity of the Netatmo and how easy

La Crosse Technology 330-2315

The La Crosse Technology 330-2315 is a high quality, complete weather station that is accurate and easy to set up. We especially liked the display console, which was well organized and looked nice com

AcuRite 02007

The AcuRite 02007 is a good basic weather station with one of the nicest indoor consoles we saw. This station only measures temperature and humidity. If you want rain, wind speed or wind direction mea

Kids Microscope Review

The right microscope can excite your child about science. Soon they'll be looking at their world in a whole new light.


Although the AMSCOPE-KIDS M30 is the least expensive microscope we reviewed, it's certainly not the worst. In fact, it actually offers a lot of value for how much you spend. This scope does have a few

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus

Among the 15 microscopes we reviewed, the Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Plus is the toughest. Its solid body, included accessories and decent optics make it a good choice, earning our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Aw

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L

The Levenhuk Rainbow 2L kids microscope is great for children and beginners. Kids will love the fact that you can order it in purple, blue, white, yellow or red. However, this children's microscope do

Ant Farms Review

Keep young minds engaged and bring learning to life with an ant farm for your home or your classroom.

Scientific Explorer Ant Lab

Scientific Explorer Ant Labs are more than your traditional ant farms. These products are gel-filled, provide several accessories and feature a space-like design. These gel-station ant labs are design

Insect Lore

Insect Lore provides an ant hill a unique twist. The ant habitats available from this company are not designed as a box that you fill with gel or sand; instead, it is an ant hill, which gives more of


The company Fascinations provides a handful of ant farm options to choose from that are unique and different. Most of the ant habitats available from this company are filled with a gel that serves as

Uncle Milton

When it comes to making educational toys, Uncle Milton is an industry veteran known for the play and instructional value of its products, including its popular ant farms. These products range in size

Chemistry Sets Review

Your children can enjoy and learn from chemistry sets that range from those offering snazzy tricks to academically challenging activities. Take a look at our product lineup to find the best chemistry set for your child.

Best Train Set

Whether you are a model enthusiast who loves to build train sets or a parent looking to put together your child's first model train – there is something special about model trains that brings nostalgia and joy.

Bachmann Thoroughbred

The Bachmann Thoroughbred is an HO-scaled model that features a locomotive, hopper, gondola and caboose. This electric train set comes with a 47-inch by 38-inch oval track. The track pieces snap toget

Celestron Portable LCD

The Celestron Portable LCD Digital Microscope is one of the few digital kids microscopes on our lineup. While digital models can be exciting additions to the realm of children’s microscopes, thi


The Dino-Lite AM2111 is a small, handheld kids microscope that's strong enough to ignite your child’s interest in discovering the world around them. The optics, while not the best available, are

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