The AcuRite 02007 is a good basic weather station with one of the nicest indoor consoles we saw. This station only measures temperature and humidity. If you want rain, wind speed or wind direction measurements, you might want to look at the AcuRite Pro 5-in-1.

This station had one of the best indoor displays we saw. It is well organized and colorful, a welcome change from other stations that are drab and not backlit. An AC adapter is included, something we were surprised to find since it is not standard for weather stations. The display shows indoor and outdoor temperatures and includes a forecasting section at the bottom that is based on the information it gathers from the outdoor sensor.

This is a simple station, consisting of the indoor display and the outdoor sensor. The outdoor sensor is simple to mount – you just slide it over a screw. We had no problems getting the outdoor sensor to communicate with the indoor console. Other stations needed to be set up in a specific way, but once this one was powered we started getting temperature information immediately. It’s important to make sure both the sensor and the console are set to the same channel and that the sensor is put in a shady spot. This AcuRite 02007 has a transmission range of 330 feet.

We spent a week gathering readings from each of the stations we tested and then compared the results with popular forecasters like Weather Underground and AcuRite lived up to its name by being among the most accurate stations we tested. It tended to be within a degree of the actual temperatures and didn’t have any big deviations during the day.

The AcuRite 02007 is a good value weather station. It costs significantly less than full scale weather stations and has the best display of any of the scaled-down stations. During our testing this station was accurate and easy to set up.

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