The La Crosse Technology 330-2315 is a high quality, complete weather station that is accurate and easy to set up. We especially liked the display console, which was well organized and looked nice compared to others. The only drawback to this station is the cost; this is the most expensive station we reviewed.

This station includes three pieces: a multi-sensor that measures rain, wind speed and wind direction; a thermo-hygro sensor that tracks the temperature and humidity; and the indoor console. Unlike the Tycon Power Pro, the La Crosse 330-2315 requires you to mount the thermometer separately from the wind sensor.

Fortunately, this is easy for both parts. The multi-sensor is easily screwed into a fence post or mounted to a pole. The thermo-sensor can be attached to the outside of your house by a screw. It’s best to keep the thermo-sensor shaded, ideally under the eaves of your house, as direct exposure to sunlight can skew the readings.

For a week we compared the readings of these weather stations with the others we tested as well as popular forecasting sites such as Weather Underground and In general, the La Crosse 330-2315 was very accurate, though it understated by a degree in the mornings and overstated by a few degrees in the afternoons. This highlights the need to place the sensor in the right spot, to prevent it from giving misleading information.

The La Crosse station includes one of the nicest displays we tested. It’s very simple to set up and has a pleasing design and even includes a forecast extrapolated from the data it receives. Another interesting feature this station offers is the ability to wirelessly connect to Weather Underground and transmit your data to it.

With an easy setup process and a pleasing display, the La Crosse 330-2315 is a good choice for those who want to track more than just the temperature. The biggest drawback to this station is the cost. This is the most expensive station we tested.

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