If you don’t need a complicated weather station and just want something that will tell you how hot it is outside, the La Crosse 308-146 is the best of the basic stations we tested. This unit only has an indoor console and an outdoor sensor, no tools for measuring wind or rain. Of the simple stations, this was our favorite because of its accuracy and appealing display.

We had trouble getting the sensor to connect to some of the stations, but not with the La Crosse 308-146. It found the outdoor sensor quickly, and within seconds of plugging it in we were getting weather readings from outside.

We gathered temperatures over the course of a week, taking readings in the morning and in the afternoon. We compared each station’s readings with the temperatures listed on Weather Underground and Weather.com. With the La Crosse the results were generally accurate, though it tended to give lower readings than the others we tested.

Be sure to put the outdoor sensor in a well-shaded spot, like under the eaves of your house. Direct exposure to sunlight can skew the readings dramatically, making your station less effective.

This bare-bones station doesn’t measure rain, wind speed or wind direction. If you want to track these or other data points, you’ll need to look for a more complete weather station, like the La Crosse 330-2315.

We liked the La Crosse 308-146’s display. It shows the weather information in a clear, appealing way. The display is well-lit and organized, with animated forecast icons that give you a general idea of what the weather will be. The console has an AC adapter, something we were surprised to see not every station includes.

The sensor is powered by AA batteries and has a battery life of 24 months. The wireless range is 300 feet. These are all average for the stations we reviewed.

Though it doesn’t have much in the way of extra features, the La Crosse 308-146 is the best of the basic stations we tested. It gives accurate results and has a well-organized console that makes it easy to get weather information at a glance.

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