Netatmo is one of the most well-designed weather stations we reviewed, with a sleek and simple appearance similar to Amazon’s Echo. Our reviewers liked the simplicity of the Netatmo and how easy it was to set up. It doesn’t have a display; you’ll need to download a mobile app that will display weather information. So if you like having a console you can quickly check for weather information, the Netatmo might not be the best choice.

The Netatmo has two cylinders: one that stays inside and one that you put outdoors. Setup is simple – you just plug the indoor sensor into the wall and put batteries in the outdoor sensor. Once you connect the weather station to your Wi-Fi, you’ll be ready to go. We had some trouble connecting it through the phone app, but it was successful when we plugged the Netatmo into our computer. This is the only system we tested that requires a Wi-Fi connection, so if your home wireless network is unreliable, this station might not be the best option.

During our testing, we took measurements for a week and compared them with the weather reports from Weather Underground and The Netatmo was among the most accurate, but we learned that it’s important to put the outdoor sensor in a well-shaded location. We thought we had, but it caught some afternoon sun that caused it to give temperatures five degrees hotter than it was. So remember to put the outdoor sensor is a well-shaded location to ensure accurate readings.

The basic Netatmo module doesn’t include a rain or wind gauge, so we could not evaluate those features. You can purchase those as additional accessories. Even the base model is one of the most expensive weather stations we reviewed, so if you’re cost-conscious you may want to explore less expensive options, like the La Crosse 308-146.

To look at the weather data from this device, you’ll need to check the mobile app, log on to the Netatmo site or integrate with an Amazon Echo and ask Alexa. One nice feature of this is that you can check the weather at your house from anywhere.

Another useful feature of the Netatmo station is that it can measure the air quality and give you warnings when the carbon dioxide level in your house gets too high. You can also look at your weather history through graphs and charts.