The Oregon Scientific BAR206 is a bare-bones weather station that provides basic temperature information in a no-frills package at a low cost. Unfortunately, this was not one of the best stations we tested. It was not very accurate and the indoor display wasn’t as appealing as others we reviewed, like the La Crosse 308-146. However, it does include a weather forecasting feature that predicts future weather based on the data it gathers.

This weather station has only two parts: an indoor console and an outdoor sensor. The outdoor sensor needs to be placed in a well shaded location and not in direct sunlight. This sensor gave us some trouble during setup. To get the indoor console to connect with the outdoor sensor, you need to put batteries in the sensor first and then in the console. Most of the other stations we tested weren’t as finicky about the order you set up your station.

The indoor display was our least favorite. It has a small screen and a crowded presentation that makes it difficult to read the data. The screen isn’t lit by default, so it can be hard to read. There’s no AC adapter with this station. The console is strictly battery powered – a small inconvenience, but something we noticed during the course of our testing.

For a week we took weather readings from each station and compared them with data from popular weather sites Weather Underground and This was one of the least accurate stations we tested. It overstated the temperatures by at least five degrees. Even with the outdoor sensor placed in a shaded spot it gave higher readings that the other stations.

The Oregon Scientific BAR206 has the second lowest price of the stations we reviewed, but that does mean less accurate readings and a less useful console. For a small amount more you can find a weather station that offers better results and is more visually appealing.

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