With service available in 23 states across the U.S., Dividend Solar is the largest solar company in our lineup and the most likely to be available in your area. However, since this solar panel provider only offers a loan payment plan, it might not be the best option for you. It works with local solar installers to provide services.

Dividend Solar does business in 23 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Delaware, Florida and Hawaii. A map of its serviceable states is available on its website – you can select your state to see the installation process and tax incentives for your area. If Dividend Solar doesn’t currently do business in your state, you can send the company an email, and it will notify you when it opens a location in your area.

It is different from many other solar panel companies in that it is basically a financing contractor – the company provides the payment plan and warranties but reaches out to one of its partners in your area for the actual installation. In addition, unlike other solar companies, it only offers one payment plan: the EmpowerLoan. This plan comes with a system warranty and doesn't require a down payment. Since the agreement makes you the owner of the solar panels, you may be eligible for money-saving tax incentives, depending on where you live.

Since companies other than Dividend Solar actually install the solar panels, we asked if it offered the same warranty to all of its customers. Representatives said every customer receives a five-year roof warranty, 20-year workmanship warranty and 20-year equipment warranty, in addition to the solar panel manufacturer's warranty. This is solid coverage for solar power. They also said that backup battery storage isn't currently available, but the company hopes to offer it within the next couple of years.

Dividend Solar has many trusted partners who do the installation work. After your initial consultation, the company works with you to design a power system that fits your needs. As with all solar power installations, the time it takes to go from consultation to activation partially depends on how quickly your local government and utility company give their permission for the solar project.

You can monitor your system’s solar energy production in your account on Dividend Solar's website. The company doesn’t currently have a production monitoring app, but it plans to have one by next year.

The Dividend Solar FAQs page is easy to use and has many answers to common questions. Should you want to contact a customer representative, you can do so by email or telephone. The company’s representatives provided helpful answers to our questions.

If you're interested in financing your solar panels with a solar loan, Dividend Solar might just be the company for you. It works with experienced local solar installers to provide services in 23 states but provides the same, competitive warranties for all its customers.

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