Legend Solar only uses solar panels made by SunPower, a company that’s been in the solar industry since the 1980s. These panels tend to be costly, but they also last longer than others. With its strong warranty and guaranteed energy production, Legend Solar is an excellent option if you live in one of the seven states it does business: Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington and Oregon.

When we asked Legend Solar representatives why the company only uses SunPower panels, they told us it’s because the manufacturer’s panels are made of better materials. This means they cost more than the average solar panel, but they also last longer. Legend Solar can also install Sonnen backup batteries – with a backup battery, your power stays on when the grid goes down. These backup batteries have a life of around 30 years, so you can get a lot of use out of them.

Legend Solar's Power Payback Guarantee states that if your solar panels fail to produce at least 90 percent of the power the company quoted, it will either pays the difference or add additional panels to your home at no cost. The company does not offer solar leases or PPAs because these payment options do not hold many benefits for customers. However, it does have loan options, all of which include a 25-year warranty, which is five years longer than the average solar warranty.

The installation process starts with a free consultation, during which a representative answers your questions and explains how much you can save by switching to solar. During the design phase, a crew comes out to gather information about your home so Legend can create an energy system that fits your needs. After you approve the design, an installation date will be set. As with most other companies, you can only use the solar panels once your local utility service and municipality give final permission to activate the system.

Legend Solar installs a monitor on your solar system that connects to your Wi-Fi, and you can log in to your account at any time to view your home's solar production. The system automatically contacts Legend Solar when it detects a problem, and a representative will come fix it.

In addition to providing solar power, Legend Solar can envelope your house. This means it will assess your home for escaping energy and provide solutions to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Some of these solutions include solar fans and multilayer attic blankets to keep warm or cold air from escaping.

You can contact Legend Solar via the corporate phone number or email – you can even write the company a message directly from its webpage. The company’s website also has operating hours and specific contact information for each of its local offices. Its FAQs section is broken up in categories to help you zero in on an answer. The Legend Solar representatives we spoke with gave in-depth answers to our questions and were easy to get a hold of.

Legend Solar’s production guarantee, backup battery installations and system monitoring make it one of the best choices for solar installation, and it has some of the longest warranties in the industry. However, the company only offers its services in seven states.

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