RGS Energy offers dependable warranties and reliable support features, and it will help you monitor your solar panels' power production. Getting answers to your questions is simple with the customer support options that are available, and the amount of information found on this solar contractor's website is better than most others. A potential downside is that backup battery storage and PPA agreements are not available through this company.

You can find RGS Energy services within select areas of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Contact the company to see if it can provide service in your area.

Unlike other solar panel installers, RGS Energy only offers two payment options: purchase and loan. With the purchase, you won't have to pay monthly fees and you will be eligible for money-saving tax credit. A loan through this solar panel contractor involves monthly payments but will get you free monitoring and a 20-year warranty at no additional cost. This warranty covers the entire installation, including the inverter. The company has reportedly dropped PPA agreements in favor of ownership options since there are not as many owner incentives and benefits associated with PPAs.

The company doesn’t currently offer backup battery storage, but this is apparently coming soon. The reason for the delay is that RGS Energy is trying to make backup battery storage financially feasible for both commercial and private installations. Basically, going off the grid with RGS Energy is currently not an option, but it might be possible in the near future.

This firm offers its services to both homeowners and businesses so you can switch to solar in both areas of your life. The company will first evaluate your home to determine whether it is ready for solar. A design and agreement plan will be drawn up for you to approve. RGS Energy will work on getting permits and incentive paperwork submitted. System installation will be followed by an inspection by the utility company and RGS Energy. Once all the paperwork has been approved, your system will be ready to go.

The company’s website does not have a solar power FAQs page, but you can still find a lot of information there. The website will explain the basics of how solar works along with answering more in-depth questions that many other solar companies' websites fail to answer. You can reach customer representatives via email, telephone and live chat. In our own experience, RGS Energy's customer representatives proved to be incredibly helpful, quick and pleasant.

While RGS Energy does not currently offer backup battery storage installation, it is currently working to find a more affordable battery option. The company also lacks PPA and lease payment agreements, which might prevent you from finding the cheapest plan on the market. RGS Energy does offer a powerful 20-year warranty, monitoring services and reliable customer support. If you are willing to commit to a purchase or loan agreement, RGS Energy is a great way to make the switch to solar.

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