SolarCity is a sister company to Tesla Inc., which means it benefits from the technology and research done through the smart energy company. This solar company offers some of the most sleek and affordable solar panel plans while backing its work with strong warranties and guarantees. Its services are available within 21 states for homeowners, businesses and government planners alike.

Most solar companies only offer solar panel installation; SolarCity offers much more. In addition to solar panels, it also provides the ability to go off the grid with its Powerwall – a backup power supply that allows you to always have power regardless of city blackouts. Unlike a portable generator, this allows you to access clean power in emergencies. SolarCity offers a generous 10-year warranty and 10-year maintenance plan with the Powerwall.

Tesla recently revealed the new solar roof – a surprisingly affordable set of roof tiles with solar cells. To anyone looking at them from the street they will seem like a normal set of roofing tiles. The solar cells are only visible from above so they can use the sun to power your home. They even come in four different, chic-looking styles to help you match the look of your home. SolarCity is the only solar company that can install the solar roof. If you're wondering about the dependability of these tiles, rest assured knowing that they are stronger than average roofing tiles. When we asked a SolarCity rep about the solar roof, he told us that Tesla backs them with a 30-year performance warranty and an infinity, crack-proof warranty.

When you contact SolarCity for a consultation, the company will first ask about your energy usage and use satellite images of your roof to determine if solar power is profitable on your home. After determining your house's solar suitability, they will help you choose the payment agreement that best works for you while discussing predictable solar costs for the next several years. Once the payment plan has been decided, the company will send workers to measure and examine your roof so its engineers can determine how to best meet your energy needs. Installation comes next and typically only takes a day to complete. Permits and inspections will be taken care of by a solar professional. Your new solar power will then be turned on once the utility provider gives its approval.

During the installation process, you can download the MySolarCity mobile app to track the progress of SolarCity's crew. Once the system has been installed you can then use the app to track the productivity of your solar energy system. The app also allows you to interact with the SolarCity community within a social capacity.

This company offers all four payment options, including outright purchase, lease, loan and PPA. The loan, lease and PPA all have $0 down payment options, while the lease and PPA also have full and partial prepay options. The loan term lasts 10 to 20 years while the lease and PPA last 20 years. With these options available, it will be easier to find a plan that works for you.

Should you have questions, you can use the FAQs page found on SolarCity's website. This is one of the few solar companies that offers live chat in addition to email and telephone support. When we contacted SolarCity the customer representatives were very helpful, answering our questions courteously and thoroughly.

If you like the thought of solar energy but dislike the look of solar panels, SolarCity might just be the right solar company for you. The sleek designs, affordable payment plans and quality warranties will help you feel better about your purchase while you save money on your energy bill.

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