The narrow design of the Black & Decker BR318 allows you to use this tool in tight spaces. Its angled belt also allows you to sand closer to surfaces than similar models.

The BR318 is a 3-by-18-inch low-profile belt sander that has 6 amps of power. This allows it to aggressively sand wood or paint. Because of its power, you can use this sander on both large- and small-scale projects. If you require more muscle in your sander, try the Hitachi SBBV2, with its 9-amp motor. This unit also includes auto belt tracking, which maintains the alignment of the sanding belt while you use it. This is a feature that is standard in many other portable belt sanders.

Since this machine is narrower than other belt sanders, it can get into hard-to-reach places, such as under cabinets or in corners. The low-profile design and small front roller also mean that this belt sander can sand vertical and flush surfaces. The angled belt of this unit gets into grooves that other, boxier belt sanders cannot reach. This allows the sander to sand twice as close to your surface than similar units.

Other features contribute to this sander’s versatility and ease of use. This Black & Decker hand-held belt sander is compact and lightweight, which makes it a good belt sander if you cannot operate heavy machinery. This model comes with both front and side handles for easy access. This is a great feature if you want the option to choose which angle you handle your belt sander. The BR318 also includes an easy-to-empty dust bag with zipper access to keep your work space free from dust and debris. This sander is great for small to moderate home projects, and it has the power to tackle both small detail work and large surfaces.

The Black & Decker BR318 belt sander is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but it is great value for its price. This machine is agile, small and powerful, and it offers easy dust collection. If you only need a belt sander for small, occasional woodworking projects, this will satisfy your sanding needs.

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