The Hitachi SB8V2 is a 3-by-21-inch variable speed belt sander that includes a wear-resistant belt for a long service life. Another unique feature is a clear, front tracking window for increased visibility as you’re sanding.

This sander is both powerful and durable. It is a professional-grade, hand-held belt sander with a powerful 9-amp motor, which allows you to aggressively remove wood, steel and paint. This sander has a long lifespan and can save you money on maintenance. If something does go wrong, Hitachi offers a five-year limited warranty on this power tool. The company’s website also sells replacement parts for the SB8V2, making it convenient to find new parts.

The SB8V2 also offers several standard power sander features for comfort and ease of use. The variable speed control allows you to easily switch between different speeds depending, on the project at hand. The soft grip handles on the unit provide added comfort and reduce vibration during sanding.

It has a unique, clear-front window that allows you to view your project as you sand. This makes it easier to steer in the direction you want, and it keeps your project consistent. This machine is built with stable tracking, reducing the risk of the sanding belt wandering.

This sander has a push lever that makes it easier to replace the sanding belts than it is with some other models. The brushes in this unit are also easy to replace. Overall, routine maintenance on this belt sander is simple.

This Hitachi, while solidly built to last, is still relatively lightweight. This makes it is easy to maneuver when sanding and means you can use this sander even if you have injuries that prevent you from lifting heavy objects. You can also use the SB8V2 to sand flush to vertical surfaces as needed, adding to its versatility. One drawback is the placement of the motor on the left-hand side of the belt sander. This causes some balance issues.

This is one of the more expensive belt sanders we reviewed. If you need something cheaper, check out our value pick, Skil 710-01.

This is a good belt sander for anyone looking for a powerful, professional-grade machine that will last for a longtime. Its lightweight body and features, like the clear front window, make it easier to use than other comparable models. Hitachi offers a good warranty, and routine maintenance is easy to do.

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