The Makita 9903 is a 3-by-21 inch variable speed belt sander that contains a powerful 8.8-amp motor. However, it is also the quietest belt sander in its class. Because it has a variable speed control, you can match the machine’s speed to what is needed for your woodworking project.

This belt sander has the features you need for small, medium or large sanding jobs, and it has a fairly long lifespan. This machine includes auto-tracking, which helps you adjust the belt. It is designed so you can sand flush to the wall or in corners if you need to, and you can grip the belt sander from the front for extra control.

The 9903 is powerful and durable enough for extended use, and it is heavier than other sanders for added balance. This also helps the tool make contact with your project’s surface. A small tracking dial allows you to more accurately move the belt in different directions as necessary. It also has a variable speed option that affords you more control, since a slower motion is ideal for delicate woodwork. You can use faster speeds to sand wood, metal, or to remove paint and rust. With these features, you can sand with much greater detail than when using other belt sanders.

The belts themselves are easy to change out by pressing a lever. The included cloth dust bag is able to collect most of the dust the machine produces without clogging, even when using different grits of sandpaper. This means you will have a cleaner work space and easier cleanup.

This unit comes with a 16-foot, flexible cord that allows you to finish your project in a large space without having to switch outlets. This Makita portable belt sander operates at only 84 decibels, which makes it an extremely quiet tool. As an added perk, you can mount the sander upside-down and clamp to a bench vise to make it stationary.

This is the priciest t belt sander we reviewed. If you don’t need everything it has to offer, consider our value pick, Skil 7510-01.

Unfortunately, unlike other sanders in its price range, the Makita 9903 doesn’t come with a case or carrying bag. However, this is one powerful tool. With its features and durability, you get the quality you pay for.

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