The Skil 7510-01 is a 3-by-18-inch belt sander that has a pressure-control feedback system and a micro-filtration system, designed to capture fine dust particles.

The automatic pressure-control feedback system sets this model apart from others. As you use the machine, the pressure-control technology will monitor your sanding pressure. An indicator lights up when the right amount of pressure is applied, removing some guesswork from your sanding projects. With other belt sanders, you must use your own judgment about the amount of pressure you should apply, which could give you sub-par results.

The 7510-01 includes 6 amps of power, so you can sand many types of wood surfaces. This portable belt sander is designed to be flexible enough for you to sand flush to different surfaces and edges.

This machine has an enhanced filtration system compared to other models. This feature allows you to efficiently capture debris. The unit has a filtration system that collects more dust particles than other belt sanders, providing you with a more sanitary work space. This means easier clean-up once your job is complete, saving you valuable time.

While many belt sanders include a cloth dust collecting bag that leaves you to guess when the bag is full, the 7510-01 has a clear dust container connected to the bag. You can see the sawdust and debris collecting and empty the bag when you find it is necessary. It also fits standard vacuum hoses for dust collection.

This belt sander includes many other features to add to its comfort and ease of use. Like many other hand-held belt sanders, this unit includes easy belt changing with a lever release. You can use the auto tracking alignment function to keep your belt centered while in use. This tool also includes a power switch with a lock button to keep your sander running while in use on larger projects.

This belt sander is our best value pick. Which means it’s great and inexpensive. If you’re looking for the best of the best, check out our top pick Makita 9903.

The Skil 7510-01 has many features that make the machine safe and keep your project running smoothly, such as the advanced filtration system and power lock button. One of the major perks of this device is the low price point, which makes it ideal if you are searching for a quality, small belt sander at an affordable cost.

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