The Triton TA1200BS is a 3-by-21-inch belt sander that includes a whopping 10 amps of motorized power, as well as variable speed control. This belt sander is made with a solid plastic upper casing and lower body magnesium casing, causing it to be both sturdy and lightweight.

This hand-held belt sander has many convenient, standard features, including a lock-on button for extended use and tracking adjustment for improved control during sanding. Its variable speed control allows you to adjust your speed to match whatever project you’re working on, which gives this tool added versatility. The unit has a small, front roller that helps you sand hard-to-reach areas and do detailed work on small pieces of wood.

Other standard features add to this tool’s ease of use and functionality. If you need to change an old belt, you simply use a push lever to loosen it for exchange. A dust port is located on the side of the belt sander, making it easy to maneuver around or connect to a vacuum system.

This model also has a neon safety light that shows when power is available. Another helpful aspect of this Triton sander is that it has a slow start feature. This is a particularly important feature when you consider this tool’s full 10-amp power. This helps you maintain full control from the beginning of your woodworking project, which is hard to do when a sander starts at full power. The handle is adjustable, well-located and equipped with rubber grips for additional support and safety. This prevents slippage as you apply pressure and move the belt sander.

This is a good pick for a belt sander, but it doesn’t have everything we look for. If you want the best belt sander available, check out of top pick – Makita 9903.

Unlike some other models, you can modify this unit to be used as a stationary sander. Along with the sander and belt, you’ll get an inversion stand and clamps to attach the unit to a stationary bench. This frees your hands to shape and sand the wood as needed. The Triton TA1200BS is a good belt sander if your projects require a lot of power. Its standard features make it easy to use, and additional safety features take in to account the machine's extra power.

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