Pros / The BullsEye laser line level can detect wood, metal and wire behind your walls making it a stud finder and level in one.

Cons / The device has limited projection options.

 Verdict / BullsEye is useful for the occasional household job or small DIY project, but it lacks diversified mounts and extended projection features. Rather, it offers the benefit of multiple tools in one.

The BullsEye laser line level by Black & Decker has unique features compared to other levels we reviewed, but it doesn't offer all the basic features of other laser line levels. Instead, with the added ability to identify studs and wires, it offers the versatility of multiple tools in one.

BullsEye falls short of other models on leveling features. It only projects 20 feet and has a fan angle of 40 degrees – one of the lowest of all the laser line levels we reviewed. This means your beams won't project as wide or as far compared to other levels. For the quick job at home, this works just fine, but it would be problematic for larger jobs. It also cannot project cross beams. It does have a self-leveling pendulum to quickly set the lines straight within five seconds of set up, but it can't lock the pendulum in place, project angles or project vertical lines. It projects two horizontal beams on either side of the device. Overall, the leveling features are very basic compared to other products we reviewed.

The device has an LED screen that alerts you to studs or wires behind the wall. That is a very handy feature for the occasional job so you don't miss the stud and damage the wall or drill into a live wire. It also has an easy-to-use on switch and buttons to turn the device sensors on.

The BullsEye has limited mount options. In order to use it you have to hold it up to the wall or mount it to the wall by using the felt attachments on the back of the device that would stick to tape or Velcro strips; otherwise, you will need to use a pushpin or nail to hold the device in place. This can be inconvenient, considering you have to buy Velcro strips or put nail holes in the wall just to project the beams.

This device landed near the bottom of our rankings. If you want a more useful tool, consider our top pick - DeWALT DW08802CG.

Black & Decker BullsEye BDL190S Visit Site
  • Distance
  • Beams
  • Battery Life
  • Limited Warranty
  1. The maximum distance you can have an effective laser line appear on a wall.
    More is Better.
  2. 11  Black & Decker
    20.0 Feet
  3. 1  DeWALT
    40.0 Feet
  4. 100.0 Feet
  5. 50.0 Feet
  6. Category Average
    45.09 Feet


This device has a solid two-year warranty, and Black & Decker offers customer support, but this model doesn't offer the advanced leveling or projection features of other laser line levels. However, if you only need a basic laser line level for the occasional small job the Black & Decker BullsEye is a good value considering its multi-tool options.

Black & Decker BullsEye BDL190S Visit Site

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