Pros / The pivoting 360-degree base makes it easy to project lines without moving the level or tripod.

Cons / Compared to other products, the laser beams are not as visible.

 Verdict / This laser line level is a good choice for large jobs and professionals because of its durability and pivoting base, but the laser beams become faint in bright light or when they’re projected from far away.

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or simply hanging a frame on your living room wall, it's important to keep everything level. The Johnson 40-0912 laser line level is designed to do just that. It is easy to use and has functional features to quickly set up and project accurate beams at a variety of heights. This cross-line level gives you pinpoint accuracy when you're trying to decide where exactly to put that nail without requiring you to mark on or mount a level to the wall.

Because the level is self-leveling, meaning there is a swinging pendulum that sets the lasers straight, you will have a more accurate projection than you’d get with a bubble-style level without having to adjust the level itself too much. An additional feature is that the pendulum locks when the level is not in use, which protects the self-leveling pendulum if you were to drop the device or knock it off the tripod. When the pendulum is locked, it won't swing and your beams won't flash to indicate they are not level, which allows you to project angled beams. This laser line level has full 360-degree maneuverability; that does not mean the beams project 360-degrees around the room; rather it means the level has a convenient rotating base that spins completely around.

This crossbeam level has a projection range up to 100 feet away. However, it is accurate up to 35 feet away at 1/4 of an inch, so the closer you are the more accurate your line will be. If you project farther away than 35 feet, your line will be off by 1/4 inch every 35 feet. The accuracy rating is important to ensure you have the best-looking finished projects as possible. A projection of 100 feet is still one of the most powerful projection ranges among the laser line levels we reviewed, which makes this level great for industrial sized jobs.

The design incorporates both vertical and horizontal lasers, and there is a dial on the base labeled with degrees. The benefit of the dial is that you can evenly distance projects. For example, hanging a series of pictures that you want equally spread out would require a ruler, but the dial lets you measure how many degrees separate each picture, projecting the vertical laser to that spot and allowing perfect accuracy each time. This eliminates the use of additional tools, rulers or pens to mark the wall.

This level has a battery life up to 12 hours of continual use, and it runs on three AAA batteries. One hindrance of the design is the tripod; the thread is 5/8 by 11 inches, so the standard industry tripod will not fit this design. You can set the level on a stable surface, but for height, you’ll need to purchase a specialized tripod separately.

The Johnson 40-0912 laser line level is covered by a limited three-year warranty. This is a longer warranty than most other laser lines. Johnson also offers an online manual, as well as email and phone support for any questions or concerns you may have.

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  • Distance
  • Beams
  • Battery Life
  • Limited Warranty
  1. The maximum distance you can have an effective laser line appear on a wall.
    More is Better.
  2. 8  Johnson
    100.0 Feet
  3. 1  DeWALT
    40.0 Feet
  4. 100.0 Feet
  5. 50.0 Feet
  6. Category Average
    45.09 Feet


The Johnson 40-0912 laser line level has some very useful options and features. It has long-range capabilities and a base that can swivel 360 degrees. The mount likely won’t fit a standard tripod, so you'll have to buy a specialized one separately. Whether you're using this laser line level for basic use or for a full-fledged construction project, it is a solid option.

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